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   Chapter 20 In Front Of The Surveillance

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She secretly decided to put the laundry detergent into his bowl and eat him to death.

"By the way, we have surveillance system in the kitchen. Don't put anything else when you cook." Maynard warned her in a serious tone as if he had discovered something.

Swallowing hard, Viola said with fear and trepidation, "Of course, you have to eat at ease."

She chased away all the thoughts in her mind.

Viola walked into the kitchen and found the lowest layer of chicken, duck, fish and meat in the fridge. Her mouth twitched slightly.

When she went upward, she saw vegetables with green pepper. She felt a little awkward and didn't know what to do.

"Miss Qi, do you need my help?"

Just as Viola was not sure what to do, Elly walked into the kitchen.

Not knowing why she was here, Viola felt flattered and shook her head. "No need. You are so hospitable. As Mr. Chu said, I have to do it myself."

She glanced at the monitoring unwillingly.

Seeing the red light of the surveillance camera, she suddenly felt that it was more difficult to play tricks under his eyes.

She couldn't help but sigh deeply with distress.

"Miss. Qi, you are so kind and kindhearted." Elly commented.

Viola was puzzled, "Thank you, Miss Xia."

"Miss Qi, I have a question that I am really curious about before." Leaning against the door of the fridge with her head tilting to one side, she said in an innocent tone, "In front of the surveillance camera, tell me whether you like brother Chu or not."

Upon hearing this, a shadow passed over on her face. She took a look at the surveillance video, and since she had some scruples, she decided to act dumb. "Well, it's a long story. Besides, it's not time to be garrulous. I need to cook now."

"That's all I want to ask you. It's easy to say whether you like him or not," She blinked her eyes innocently and was quite persistent with this question.

There was nothing she could do, except to say against her conscience, "Mr. Chu is handsome and elegant, and it's hard to not like him, ha ha."

"I know it. It's normal for people like Miss Qi to like rich people, but you should know your identity." Elly's delicate oval face changed, but soon returned to normal.

What she said made sense somehow. Elly regarded her as a dangerous woman. She agreed, "Yes, you're right."

Seeing that Elly was about to continue her warning, she ignored it. She turned her head and saw a basket of washed cucumber by the sink.

Her eyes lit up and she decided to make a fried cucumber salad. So she put two pieces on the chopping board, picked up the knife with her right hand and learned her son's dazzling skill of cooking.

However, her action in the eyes of others was cutting the cucumber into pieces.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The pieces of cucumber salad with thick plates flew everywhere, and water splashed.

"Stop it Ah! " As soon as she saw that the water splashed on her body, Elly screamed as if she had touched a virus. She ran out of the kitchen in anger.

But on the contrary, she was happily cutting the food.

When he was checking the monitor, Maynard saw the scene on the screen. The coffee in his mouth was spilled all over the screen of the computer.

Viola put aside the knife and took a plate with a small plate of the cucumber.

She clenched her fists, with a look of satisfaction on her face. "It's better than last time. It's completely out of my expectation."

"……" The coming steward.

He really wanted to drag this crazy woman out.

Viola turned around and saw the housekeeper and the cucumber salad on the floor. Her face was unnatural. "I'll clean it up right away. Sorry."

"Miss Qi, Mr. Chu wants to see you in the living room." After he

delivered his message, the Butler paused and continued, "It's not late to clean up the floor."

Viola nodded to show her understanding. She then washed her hands and went to the living room.

She had noticed the clumsy cutting skills she had done in the kitchen, and was very worried. "Mr. Chu, what can I do for you?"

"Are you having fun in the kitchen?" Maynard suddenly asked.

Viola immediately corrected herself and spoke nonsense. "Mr. Chu, you see that I'm in a good mood in chopping, but I just enjoy myself."

The expression on her face suddenly turned into a sad one.

"People who don't know you are cooking would think you are on the battlefield." A bitter smile played at Maynard's lips. He showed the screen of his laptop to her. "Is the food you cut for somebody else?" he asked.

When she heard Maynard's words, Viola, who was high in spirits and confident before, was shocked completely. Feeling guilty, she turned her head aside and said, "Mr. Chu, it's only a matter of time to cook. I'm glad you cook well and eat well."

It only looks not good, however, it can be eaten.

"You are still so shameless." Maynard sneered and gave her a glance. "Clean up the kitchen as soon as possible. If you can't cook, you need to learn."

"That's right. Brother Chu is right." When she walked into the living room, Elly had put on a white dress. With a smile on her face, she said, "Miss Qi, brother Chu is sick. You have to take good care of him."

Trying to resist the urge to roll her eyes, Viola explained herself in a low voice, "In fact, I am a careless person." So please don't carelessly replace her.

"Thank you, Miss. Qi." "If you do well, I'll give you bonus. If you don't do well, pack and leave."

Hearing what Elly had said, a smile crept up on Viola's face. "Miss Xia, don't worry. I will do my best."

She secretly clenched her fists. She would try her best to be kicked out as soon as possible.

"You really have a clear distinction between rewards and losses. Take this as your own home." Maynard said timely. His sight stayed on Elly's face for a second.

Viola didn't know why she felt a chill slide through her body.

The expression on Elly's face changed abruptly, and she was still very nervous. She asked "I said it for you, brother Chu. Will you blame me for making the decision alone? "

Upon hearing this, Viola cast a glance at Maynard subconsciously, thinking that he must seek revenge for the smallest grievance and Elly might have been in danger.

"Not next time."

Just as she had rarely had the feeling that an enemy's enemy was a friend, she heard Maynard say such words indifferently.

For a moment, she could not accept it at all, which was completely beyond her expectation.

"Brother Chu is the best!" Elly was extremely shy. She tugged at the hem of her clothes, and took a glance at Viola complacently.

Somehow, Viola felt like her worry was unnecessary.

At this moment, Maynard had a micro facelift, and looked at Viola with a little joking in his eyes. "Do you know what kind of normal dishes the reporters are going to cook?"

When she heard, Viola said in a flattering manner, "Mr. Chu, you're sick, so it's better for you to eat light food instead of big fish and meat. I'll cook you a porridge, okay?"

"You can cook?" A smile of Joy came to Maynard's face as he tapped his slender hand on the smooth and clean table.

Viola thought about it seriously and told the truth, "No, but I can have a try."

"If you burn the kitchen, you'll have to be a maid for ten years." Maynard's thin hair was scattered between his eyebrows, and the light of his eyes was a little uneasy. "At that time, I'll teach you a good lesson, understand?"

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