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   Chapter 18 What I Think Is Reasonable

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"Reporter, am I not making the decision for myself?" Julie had an apologetic look on her face, and her eyes betrayed a hint of guilt. "I don't want to bother you. I saw that you were too engrossed in your conversation with that female doctor," she continued

Viola was so furious, but she could only keep smiling and said against her will, "It doesn't matter. I heard you. I was going to tell him later."

Julie breathed a sigh of relief.

Viola gave a slight cough and said, "Assistant Julie, did you say that Mr. Chu asked me to go to his office?"

"Yes. The CEO is sick. He needs someone who is considerate to take care of him, such as you." Julie flattered.

After chuckling awkwardly a few times, Viola said, "Don't flatter me. I'm careless and clumsy. I don't think it's appropriate for me to take care of Mr. Chu."

Most importantly, why should she take care of him when he was injured? At best, it is seeking ways to return his kindness, at worst, it is like the servant girl in ancient to take the trouble to serve the master as he fell ill.

"Mr. Chu said that you would be fine with that." Julie encouraged her with a gentle tone. "Miss Qi, you have to be confident in yourself."

Taking a deep breath, Viola took a heavy load on her mind and refused bluntly, "I'm sorry, but I can't take care of you any longer. I'm just recovered and I need to go home to have a rest."

"Well, if that's the case, could you please inform Mr. Chu in person?" Julie handed her phone, with a pleading in her eyes.

Feeling helpless, Viola took over the phone and called Maynard.

As soon as the line was connected, she heard a cough on the other end of the phone. Hesitantly, she asked, "Hello, is that Mr. Chu?"

"If you don't show up in an hour, I'll ask bodyguards to kidnap you. Look out for yourself."

There was no chance for Viola to finish her words, but Maynard had already hung up the phone.

Hearing the beep on the phone, she regretted hitting the muzzle of the gun.

"Reporter, what did our CEO say?" Julie was very close to her and she had heard the conversation. She asked to break the embarrassment.

Like an eggplant which had been hit by frost, Viola handed her cell phone back in a low spirit. "Mr. Chu told me to go quickly."

No matter how reluctant she was, she had to concede in front of the absolute authority.

With Julie's help, Viola had already completed the discharge formalities. Reluctantly, she got into the car. It drove toward the Green Forest Area which is the well-known rich area in A city.

Standing at the gate of a towering villa, Viola took a look at the green

view and the luxurious villa, which was gracefully built with a faint sense of elegance. She thought that she would be immune to any illness if she could live in.

"Miss Qi, when you see our CEO, you must be happy and behave well. Don't piss him off, or else his condition will get worse." Julie kindly reminded her.

Wearing a smile on her face, Viola replied in a polite manner, "Do you think so?"

"Yes, show eight standard teeth." Julie nodded with satisfaction and rang the door bell.

Viola chuckled. How she wished he could get better? Although he was sick because he wanted to save her, she didn't forget how much he had suffered to take advantage of her.

After the housekeeper opened the door, they walked into the living room.

They saw Maynard in a customized white shirt and black suit pants, with a morbid red face. As he knocked on the computer while coughing from time to time.

He would also work on the day when he got ill. What happened to his boss? Wasn't he very busy?

"Mr. Chu, I've brought Miss Qi here. Is there anything I can do for you?" Julie walked up and said cautiously.

Maynard nodded slightly and said, "You can go back to the company first."

Julie replied and turned around to leave.

In an instant, nothing was left in the big living room, except for Viola and Maynard.

Hearing that, a chill came over Viola. She tried to calm herself down and said with an exaggerated look on her face, "Mr. Chu, the most important thing for a patient is rest. You should stop working at hand. Health is the most important thing."

It seemed that she was thinking for the other party, but in fact, the schadenfreude in her eyes betrayed her.

"Okay, you are right." Coco gave her a disdainful look and stopped what he was doing.

A look of disbelief came over Viola's face. She just said it casually. Why did he take it seriously?

"I'm hungry, Miss Qi." Maynard raised his eyebrows slightly and gave her a look.

She received the information in his eyes. She pointed at herself and blurted out, "You don't want me to cook for you, do you?"

"Reporter, your IQ is much higher today." With his legs crossed and the back of the black leather sofa, Maynard looked relaxed and elegant.

Viola rolled her eyes at the ceiling and then said with a righteous look, "Mr. Chu, I'm a journalist, not a servant."

A smile appeared at the corners of Maynard's mouth. "My servant is off work today, and she won't be back in three days. Please give her a few more days," he said.

Viola frowned and said: "Is there any mistake?"

How could he be so shameless to say such words?

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