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   Chapter 17 Unexpected Things Happened In Life

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And then Viola was taken back to the ward by Maynard.

The hair of Viola spread on her chest and back, and water dripped down the clothes to the ground.

After changing her clothes, she came out of the bathroom and blocked by Maynard, who hadn't had time to change his clothes.

"Viola, I warn you, if you dare to run out again, I'll break your legs." He shook her hand off violently, and darkness filled his eyes.

She was forced to take a few steps back and sat on the sickbed. As her shoulders shrank, she said, "Mr. Chu, I just wanted to go to the bathroom. People are in a hurry. Please don't misunderstand me."

While she was lying through her teeth, she smiled sheepishly. Feeling danger, she covered her legs with the blanket for fear that she would lose it.

"There is a toilet in the ward as well. Don't you want to go out to have fun?"

Jay was so annoyed that he laughed.

Drops of water from the hair fell down from his sculptural face, which somehow made him a little sexy.

Viola hurriedly shook her head, "No, no, I was wrong. I was wrong. Can you forgive me?"

"Do you think I will believe you?" Maynard was unmoved by her words and said by himself, "Next time, either your leg hasn't been injured, or I'll send you to the mental hospital."

Upon hearing the hospital name, she trembled with fear.

Her face changed a little, but she immediately ran to him, being very considerate. "Mr. Chu, don't worry. I won't cause you any trouble. You can change your clothes now, in case you catch a cold. I'm worried about you."

She pouted and acted in an exaggerated way.

She was a normal person and she would definitely be insane if she went to the psychiatric hospital.

Given the current situation, she had no choice but to yield.

"You'd better be." Maynard coaxed her by raising her chin with his finger and looking at her face that was about to go stiff with her smile. "For those who misbehave, I'm very happy to teach them obedient."

Tears were streaming down her face, and her back was cold.

After staying in the hospital for one day, she could hardly sit still. Although she had secretly called her son after Maynard left yesterday, she was still very worried about whether her son could take good care of himself.

However, due to the threat of Maynard, she didn't dare to go around. The only way was to "get my approval".

If the doctor had said that she was fine, then Maynard would have no reason to prevent her from leaving the ward?

Therefore, whe

n the female doctor came to make her rounds, she pulled the corner of her clothes and said, "Doctor, I think I'm almost recovered. Can I leave the hospital?"

She calculated silently. She would be paid less if she stayed here for one day and she couldn't get hurt.

"I don't think it's a good idea. Your boyfriend said you need to have a good rest." The doctor looked at her and comforted, "It seems that he cares about you very much."

This was not the point.

She bit the tip of her tongue and sobbed. "Doctor, you don't understand. He's going to be engaged to another woman today. I want to stop him. If it's too late, I'll regret it."

She blinked, trying to force her tears out.

"He looks like a fine looking man. I didn't expect him to be a scum." The female doctor, after all, was a woman, and she sympathized with Viola. "Little sister, why not dumping this kind of man?"

"I just want to know whether he loves me or not. Doctor, please tell me, can I leave the hospital?" said Viola.

"…… Well, that's okay, but you can go out to beat that scumbag and go back to live. " The doctor said.

With a tender face, Viola seemed to have realized something, and then she sadly sighed, "No, I want to find a quiet place."

"Okay, you can leave now." The woman doctor took pity on her.

Viola could see agreement in her eyes. When she was about to say something, someone knocked at the door.

The moment she lowered her head and saw Julie, who was Maynard's assistant, she had a bad feeling.

Viola was startled by her sudden appearance. She took her chin back and asked, "Julie, why are you here?"

The doctor took a look at them and walked out of the ward. Julie walked in and smiled at her.

"Here is the thing. Mr. Chu tells you that if you don't feel dizzy and want to leave the hospital, you can go to the villa to take care of him," Julie pulled out a chair and sat down in front of her. With an innocent smile, she said.

Viola was shocked. "How does he know that I want to leave the hospital?" She had only said it now, but he had already known it. Was he a prophet?

A gust of cold wind was blowing on her back. She felt inexplicably terrified.

"Well, here is the thing." Julie raised the phone in her hand. "I accidentally heard the conversation between you and the doctor. I'm sorry."

How Viola wished she could knock herself at tofu.

"Don't worry, Miss. Qi, Mr. Chu doesn't blame you." Julie explained softly.

'It's time for me to leave, ' Viola thought.

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