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   Chapter 16 Mr. Chu Is Scolded

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In the afternoon, Viola was woken up. At that time, her head was covered by a blue sheet, and her brain was still in a trance.

She could only hear the conversation between a man and a woman not far away.

All of a sudden, she came to herself and stretched half of her head out of the sheet secretly. Seeing that the female doctor criticized Maynard as a subordinate, she was shocked.

Did she see it wrong?

Maynard, the pride in everyone's eyes, had also been cursed one day?

Surprised as she was, she took half of her head back as soon as possible for fear of being discovered.

"How did you make a boyfriend?" The female doctor put her hands into her pockets with displeasure on her face, "Don't you know how hot it is? How dare you lock her in the car alone? "

Viola moved her head slightly under the quilt. She was totally confused.

Girl friend? What the hell?

With a poker face, Maynard explained seriously, "She's not my girlfriend."

At first, Viola wanted to step up and say something about existence, but when she heard the evil voice, she chose to pretend to be dead in silence.

She didn't forget what he had done this noon. He hurt her and she almost couldn't see the sun tomorrow.

"But why did you look so anxious when you sent her here just now?" The doctor was not convinced at all. She warned Maynard, "You are good-looking. I just want to remind you that you should be nice to your girlfriend. Someone will lose life because of your negligence. If you continue to be like this, you will be doomed to a lone life."

The doctor was so excited that she couldn't control her voice. Many patients and nurses around came to see what happened.

Viola clenched her fists and agreed with what she said. She thought the doctor was very good at scolding. As for girlfriend, she chose to ignore it.

It was the first time she had heard someone cursing Maynard. She admired the doctor very much.

She went on listening.

Facing strange gazes from all directions, Maynard emitted cold air of three feet in his body. With just a glance, the people outside could not stand his majesty. The crowd scattered everywhere.

Viola blinked and wondered why there was no sound?

At this time, a slightly cold voice came above her head, "How is she now?"

"Now you start to care about your girlfriend? Why didn't you do that earlier? " The female doctor sounded again, "At present, there seems to be no problem. She will be fine after a few days of hospitalization after she wakes up."

Viola heard Maynard said something neither too cold nor too warm.

Then the female doctor tuck

ed her in the quilt while she said to Maynard, "Now you go to the hospital for the surgery and by the way prepare for change of clothes. Remember to take good care of her."

The doctor said and left, swinging her ponytail.

Maynard left after making a phone call.

Thirty seconds later, when she felt that they had gone far, Viola lifted up the sheet and looked around. She did not want to stay here for a long time, so she'd better leave as soon as possible.

She put on her shoes as this idea popped into her mind. Then she walked out of the room on tiptoe to have a look at the corridor.

Only two people passed by in the corridor. It was the best time for them to leave. However, as soon as she walked out, she saw Maynard coming in with a black face.

"Reporter, where are you going when you wake up?" Maynard said in a gloomy voice and walked towards her with his long and straight legs.

The distance between them was less than three meters.

Viola's back was stiff and her legs were trembling. She then said: "Damn it!"

She pinched her thigh with her hand. Maybe it was because her brain was in a mess, or she just got the nerve to do that. She put on a defiant smile and then ran away.

"How dare you! You are doomed to die if I catch you!" The voice of Maynard, mixed with fury and killing intent, came through from behind.

Viola took time to look back and saw them chasing after her. She knew very well that if she was caught, she would be crippled.

However, there was no turning back. She had no other choice but to run faster.

The moment she ran away, Maynard chased after her, and then the two of them walked out of the hospital building one by one.

She bypassed the fountain and trotted the green lawn to the back of the hospital.

The only problem was that Viola was in a weak state, and when she exerted herself to run under such circumstances, she began to breathe rapidly, as if a fire was burning in her abdomen.

She didn't know how long she had run, but her brain became dizzy again.

When she ran to the swimming pool behind the hospital, everything went black in front of her eyes. And then she slipped and fell into the water with her body out of control.

With a loud splash, a big whirlpool appeared on the surface of the water, splashing countless water flowers.

"Help, help!" Viola struggled a few times in the water and asked for help.

More and more water rushed into her mouth and nose before she could shout out those words.

There was a splash in front of her eyes, so she couldn't see clearly. Her body was slowly falling into the water

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