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   Chapter 15 Pay The Price

Forever And Always By Bei Jin Characters: 4923

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She was curious why she was always the one who got into trouble? Why should I do this? '?

"It's useless to flatter me. Next I'm going to another place. You can go with me." As soon as he finished saying that, he grasped her arm and walked in another direction.

Margaret struggled and even grabbed his powerful palm with the other hand. She shouted, "what are you doing! I won't leave! "

"It's not up to you!" A mocking smile broke across Maynard's face. He exerted force to his hand, and Viola was pulled forward like a kite.

It was not until she was pulled to a vast square that Maynard had mercy to let her go.

Massaging her aching wrist, Viola screamed angrily, "What the hell are you doing? We don't have any enmity against each other. Why do you hold on to me? "

"I'm just investigating something." Maynard straightened his suit, which was a bit messy, and reminded her with "kindness", "Don't you see where we are?"

She glanced around casually and retorted, "Where can I be? I'm just..."

After seeing everything around her clearly, she suddenly stopped.

She quickly turned around with her back to Maynard, and her blood was being frozen.

This was where a music party had been held five years ago. She had been drugged and taken to Maynard's bed in a daze that night

Viola's face turned pale. Before she could respond, she lifted her chin with one hand.

"You don't look good." He stroked her chin with his broken finger.

Viola slapped his hand away and held back her sadness. She raised her hand to touch her forehead, "Ah, I feel so dizzy. It must be because the sun is too hot. I have to find a place to have a rest."

She quickened her pace. If she had wings, she would like to fly immediately.

However, she was quick. Before she could fall, Maynard grasped her and with a little force, she fell into his arms reflexively.

A light smell of tobacco came to her nose. She hurriedly pushed him away, looked up and questioned, "Did I break the law for having a rest?"

"Do you want to take a rest under the sun or dare not stay here?" Maynard said in a cold voice. His eyes were sharper than usual.

Viola speechless.

"If you are a virgin, what will happen if you have sex with a strange man?" Maynard continued as his eyes were fixed on her.

"Of course that man will be responsible for me," said Viola.

"Then why don't you look for the man five years ago?" Maynard asked.


immediately denied. "You've got the wrong person!"

"How do you know I got the wrong person?" Maynard approached her and said sharply, "Did I say that I was looking for someone?"

Didn't she know that the more passionate she was, the more suspicious she was?

Viola remained silent.

The atmosphere between them became awkward.

"What are you doing here?"

A male teacher, over 50 years old, walked over with a book in hand. His eyes were filled with shock when he looked at Viola. "You are Viola, aren't you?"

A few seconds later, she recognized her and smiled happily. "Hello, Mr. Li."

"You naughty girl, where did you go?" Mr. Li was very fond of this good student. He worried and even felt sorry for her. "I know what happened that year was a big blow to you..."

"That's all over, Mr. Li. I'm doing great now. Look at me. I've gained a lot of weight." Viola interrupted in a hurry.

"Yes, you are right. And this is?" Realizing that he didn't have anything to say, Mr. Li turned to look at Maynard and changed the topic.

A faint smile played on Viola's face. She said, "He is Mr. Chu, my boss." It was him who made her become a journalist, so he really lived up to her words.

Mr. Li nodded.

"Mr. Chu, nice to meet you. I hope you can get on well with Viola," Mr. Li said to Maynard.

Maynard looked at her in silence.

Being stared by his sharp eyes, Viola felt that there was nothing she could hide.

Mr. Li patted on her shoulder and said, "I have to go to class now. Don't forget to hang out with your classmates when you have time."

"Okay," said Viola.

She kept her head down in fear that her secret would be exposed to the public if she gave a glimpse at Maynard.

She was so absent-minded that she even had no impression of getting in the car.

She didn't get back to normal until the car was on the way to the Chu group.

"Viola, if you are smart enough, tell me honestly, where did you go that night five years ago?" With his hands on the steering wheel, Maynard didn't turn around.

Viola uneasily moved aside and glared at the back of his head. "You're so boring. I'm with my boyfriend, and I don't understand what you said!"

"What I hate most is when people lie to me, Viola. If you lie to me, you have to be prepared to pay the price!" Maynard warned her coldly.

Seeing Maynard's cold and determined eyes through the rearview mirror, Viola could not help but feel fear.

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