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   Chapter 14 We Have Made A Deal

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When they arrived at the underground parking lot, the corners of Viola's mouth twitched severely. "Mr. Chu, you just said that we would stroll around here, but now you seem to want to drive, saying that you'd like to take a trip to another city by yourself."

Hearing that, Maynard stopped the car door. After taking a look at her, he played the same trick again and said, "Hmm? I have to call your chief to ask if she is willing to allow you to go out with me."

He reached out for his phone.

Upon hearing him, Viola was almost driven mad. She gasped for three or four times and said, "Mr. Chu, you're right. I'll listen to you."

He just wanted to force her to give in? She did what he wanted, okay?

As she had expected, after hearing her words, Maynard, who had been on the phone, hung up the phone and gestured her to get on the car.

Viola snorted, opened the door of the back seat, got in and heavily closed the door, as if to vent her inner discontent.

When she saw that Maynard, who was in the driver's seat, stepped on the gas and drove away, she could do nothing but laugh bitterly. She didn't expect that the famous Maynard would take the initiative to be a driver and that she would feel better somehow.

A chuckle played at first. Then a light bulb went off in her eyes. "Mr. Chu, you're a good driver."

While driving, Maynard took a look at her through the rearview mirror and continued to look at the road ahead. "Thank you for your praise. The second person who praised me last time has disappeared in front of my eyes."

A cold shiver ran down her spine as something terrible came to Viola's mind. She tried her best to put on a smiling face and said, "Mr. Chu, I take back my words, and you just pretend that you didn't hear them."

How could she forget that his destructive power was one hundred percent.

"Don't worry. I don't want to argue with the poor." Maynard sneered.

A wry smile appeared on her face. The blue veins stood out on the back of her hands. She could bear it!

Half an hour later, the car stopped at a university of A city.

Upon hearing his words, she felt so sad that she hid in the car, not daring to go out.

"What? Do you need me to carry you out? " Maynard, who had already got off the car, opened her door and looked down at her.

It was a hot day, but Viola's palms and back were sweating.

She licked her dry lips and wanted to laugh, but she failed. "Mr. Chu, I'm sorry to bother you. What are you doing here?"

"You can say that." There was something interesting in Maynard's dark eyes.

"I'll wait f

or you here and then I won't disturb you," said Viola.

She was about to close the door, but she failed as Maynard was trying to pull it out of the car. With much strength, she gave up.

"Miss. Qi, you are my private reporter, so you have to follow me closely. By the way, how do you feel when the cool is taking me inside to suffer?" Maynard said coldly.

The temperature in the car suddenly dropped by ten degrees. Since Maynard was there, how could she use an air conditioner?

"How about this? I'll buy you ice cream and you do your business." asked Viola.

"Reporter, are you coaxing me as a three-year-old child?" Maynard's face turned deathly pale. He said word by word, "I'll tell you seriously once. Come down with me! Or have you ever done something shameful in a university? "

With her mind in a mess, Viola subconsciously retorted, "How could it be possible!"

"Then why do you feel guilty?" Standing under a willow tree, he folded his arms, wore a tight suit and looked handsome, which attracted the discussion of the girls in the school.

When she heard Maynard's shameless words, she was pissed off.

She suddenly straightened up and raised her head. "Who, who is guilty? Didn't you ask me to get off the car and go with you? I'll go with you. I'm not afraid of you! "

Being touched by Maynard's words, Viola got off the car and slammed the door.

"That's good. You can go in first. Is there any problem?" A dash of light flashed across Maynard's eyes, but it disappeared so quickly that nobody noticed it.

Viola snorted coldly and decided to be forthright, biting the tip of her tongue and entering the room.

They walked around the campus and came to the flower nursery.

Viola saw that Maynard didn't do anything else as he came in. He did not look for someone or get back at her. She felt sad.

Sea was always calm before storms.

Thinking of that, she hesitated for a while and then asked, "Mr. Chu, didn't you say that you were coming for something?"

"No hurry." With an unknown expression on his face, Maynard said in an indifferent tone, "I said that I would take you out to enjoy the scenery. It's not bad."

Looking around at the campus with the same memory as in her mind, a touch of nostalgia flashed in her eyes, but she did not dare to be excited. "Not too serious."

"According to your information, you were in this university. You should be happy to travel again here." Maynard said in surprise.

After a pause, Viola smiled awkwardly. "Mr. Chu, your memory is so good. You can even participate in the super brain."

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