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   Chapter 12 Paparazzi

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When they got home, Viola, who was still suffering from extreme fear, tossed and turned in bed the whole night. The next day, after she sent Ann to school, she came to the periodical office with two black eyes.

"I don't care whether I keep my head low or not," With a mournful look, she continued, "I hope I will have a happy ending with the editor in chief."

She screwed up an interview for the third time. She wouldn't be punished, unless there was a miracle.

Viola stepped on the steps step by step, as if she didn't care about the consequences at all. When she stepped into the threshold, her eyes were shining with shiny light. All of a sudden, she was scared to scream.

"Viola, we are waiting for you. Don't shout." Stephanie walked over and looked at her with displeasure and fear in her eyes.

Viola thought she was unable to protect herself and didn't notice it.

Hearing Stephanie's words, Viola trembled like a leaf in the wind and rain.

'Oh, crap! The chief editor is going to criticize me in front of so many people. She must want to make a scene to warn those who are not good at their work.

"Yes, I'm sorry, chief editor. I'm a man of my word. I shouldn't be useless. I should be grateful for what I have done. Please help me. Don't make me suffer."

On instinct, Viola clung to Stephanie's leg, crying.

"Viola, get up first." With these words, Stephanie was about to help her.

Viola shook her head, "If you don't promise me, chief editor, I won't get up. This is my last request before I die."

The people from the magazine office were all confused. They didn't know what Viola's purpose was.

"What bad luck! Say it carefully!" Stephanie pushed her glasses up her nose and said in a weird tone, "I'm afraid you still have a long way to go in the future."

Hands on her thigh stopped. Viola blinked and said, "Chief editor, I don't know what you mean."

Taking the opportunity to get rid of her, Stephanie stepped back a few steps before saying, "From today on, you're the private journalist of the CEO of Maynard."

"What!" Viola pointed at herself and asked incredulously, "Body journalist?"

What's going on? She could hear every word she said clearly, but why couldn't she understand?

"Oh, I forgot that you haven't received any news." Without any feeling of sorry, Stephanie said, "Half an hour ago, I got a call from Mr. Chu. He was very satisfied with you, so he asked for my advice and referred to you as his perso

nal reporter."

There was no smile in Stephanie's eyes.

Mr. Chu had said that he had asked for her opinion first, but had said those harsh words at the same time. Even if she had disagreed with his decision, his conclusion had been finalized.

At that moment, Viola didn't squat down. She stiffly stood up and managed a smile, which was even uglier than crying, and said, "Editor in chief, you'd better beat me to the bottom."

She didn't believe a single word such as what Maynard said.

If she was smashed by an ashtray, she would never be very satisfied.

"What do you mean? Viola" Stephanie's face darkened. "Mr. Chu has already said that. What is your attitude? Don't think that you can get a lot of money just because you have Mr. Chu's back! "

She threw the document on the table with a snap, which made Viola shiver.

Noticing the hostile look from her colleagues, Viola explained at once, "I didn't mean it, chief editor. It was all quite sudden I was incoherent. Sorry. "

She felt strange as all the people of the periodical office were waiting for her early in the morning. It turned out to be Maynard.

Viola was freaking out.

Hearing that, Stephanie's face got better at last. "In a word, that's exactly what I want to say. Go and report everything in Chu's office. Remember to record everything he does for me, and don't miss any details."

The envious and jealous glances from her colleagues made Viola swallow the blood in her throat and reply: "Yes."

In the rare sight of Stephanie and a group of colleagues, Viola took a taxi to Chu group, which was nothing different from Yama's palace, with her injured foot.

Walking to the door of the CEO's office, Viola didn't move at all, trembling and staring at the door as if facing a formidable enemy.

She didn't dare to face Maynard at all after what had happened yesterday.

Just as she stood still, Julie Zhu, the president's assistant, came out of the office and saw her.

"Miss Qi, are you here to interview our CEO?"

When Viola saw her, she asked in confusion, "Who are you?"

"I went on a business trip the other day. Maybe you don't know me. I'm Mr. Chu's assistant and I just came back today." Julie Zhu kept a proper smile and said, "My boss said that a journalist would come here today. I guess it must be you."

Trying to hide her embarrassment, Viola chuckled, "Well, nice to meet you."

"Mr. Chu is out working. Please come in first," Julie Zhu suggested.

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