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   Chapter 8 She Was Out Of Her Mind

Forever And Always By WANDA PADILLA Characters: 5361

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Viola couldn't stay calm any more. She grabbed her son's clothes and said, "No way. You are the master of the family. I can handle such trifles as making money."

She tried her best to minimize her posture with a cheeky grin.

Edgar's face bulged and he looked at Viola with disdain, "You are so silly. It's good that you are not sold by someone."

Viola was speechless. She denied, "I'm your mother. How can it be wrong? You don't need to worry about money since I am here. "

Her son was really a genius. He had a great IQ since childhood, leaving other children far behind, and rarely let her worry. It was just because he was smart and easygoing. How could he not be trained?

"You are right. Don't turn to me for help if you are frustrated." Edgar snorted and turned his head.

He wanted to share her burden because she was too tired, but she was not happy at all. He developed behind her back, and then gave this stupid woman a surprise.

"Your mommy is a unyielding small strong woman. I won't give up easily!" A slight sigh of relief escaped from Viola's chest, she nodded quickly.

If she had wanted to go back to the bottom of the society and fight, now she had completely stifled this idea in the cradle!

She was determined to stay in this city, so that her son could receive the best education and she could earn money!

The melancholy in Viola's eyes disappeared and was replaced by determination.

The next day, Viola arrived at the Chu group by pinching an hour. She brought a cup of steaming coffee to the door of the CEO's office and knocked on the door.

She raised her head and looked at Maynard, who was working in the room. Viola's eyes were as clear as water, while Maynard's face was overcast.

A subtle atmosphere flowed between the two.

"Reporter, what are you doing?" Maynard pretended to be surprised and broke the silence.

Viola cheered herself up in her heart, and put the coffee on his table. With a big smile on her face, she said, "Mr. Chu, you must be tired after an hour's work. Come on, have a cup of coffee to relax yourself."

Maynard didn't make a comment. He picked up the coffee cup and took a sip. The bitter taste of the coffee instantly filled his mouth.

Seeing that he didn't move a little bit, Viola chuckled gently and asked in an attentive manner, "Mr. Chu, do you need me to massage your shoulders and legs?"

For the sake of their son, Viola had to behave herself.

"Reporter, are you kicked by a motorbike in the early morning or pushed through the door?" Maynard said, raising his eyebrows.

A bright and gentle smile appeared on Viola's face. She said calmly, "Mr. Chu, you're so humo


Why didn't she get angry? A little interesting.

A smile played at the corners of Maynard's eyes. He was in high spirits and said, "You didn't say that you would give me a shoulder massage. Come here."

He took a look at his own shoulder.

With a smile on her face, Viola walked a few steps behind him. She raised her slender hands to massage his shoulder and asked in a flattering tone, "Mr. Chu, is the strength okay?"

"Do it a little harder." Maynard leaned back against the chair and began to enjoy it.

"Okay." Viola added more strength to her hand. Even if she was extremely angry, she had to keep calm.

Five minutes later, her hands were sore, her breath disordered and her strength was fading away.

"Well, I have work to do. You can go now." When Maynard finished looking at her, he asked her to leave.

Therefore, what he did was what he was supposed to do. As a result, he was scolded repeatedly by Viola, who dared not to say anything.

She almost couldn't wait to stop what she was doing. Viola talked at random without any blush, "Don't bother. I'll sit next to you and appreciate your imperial posture. I won't disturb you."

She walked to the sofa, sat down, and tidied up the hemline of her dress. Then she zipped her dress.

It was impossible to get her away unless she had got what she wanted.

Lovely as she was, Viola muted the phone and played a removing all kinds of games.

She had passed all the tests and reached the twentieth one. Her happiness was beyond words.

"Did you have fun?" The man asked furiously.

Immersed in the joy of chipping, Viola answered immediately, "Not bad."

It was so nice of her to think of the delicious fruit as the Dark Wizard fruit Maynard and wipe it out.

"It seems that you are bored, reporter Qi."

A slender and clean hand took away her phone.

When Viola heard the name "reporter Qi", she was taken aback and turned to look at Maynard's cold and handsome face.

She pinched one of her thighs ruefully and said, "How can it be? I'm just having fun. That's it."

Maynard looked at the colorful mobile game and snorted, "Really?"

Viola nodded her head like a cherry, "Yes, president. It's almost noon. You seem to have finished your work in the morning. Can you give me ten minutes to interview you?"

She put her palms together, playing cute with a lovely oval face, while her eyes were blinking.

"Okay, no problem." Maynard answered almost indifferently.

Stepping back and sitting on the sofa, he began to poke and call on her cell phone.

When did he become so easy-going?

A strange feeling came over Viola, which made her hesitate for a while.

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