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   Chapter 7 Fruitless Efforts

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There were still two hours before she got off work from the magazine office, so Viola was called back to the magazine office by the chief editor.

The moment she stepped into the chief editor's office, Stephanie asked bluntly without raising her head, "How was the interview?"

Due to her embarrassment, Viola avoided eye contact with her. "The chief editor, you don't know. Mr. Chu is so busy that he doesn't have time to answer any question."

This was not an answer at all. It seemed that he didn't want to cooperate at all.

"Viola! What's wrong with you? " Stephanie slammed her hand on the table and stood up. "You've got into the Chu group successfully. Now tell me you got nothing. Do you think me fool?"

Feeling a sense of homicidal, Viola stepped back subconsciously. "Please listen to me, chief editor. Mr. Chu is too busy to attend to me. I have no other choice."

"Busy? Who isn't busy? " Stephanie stared at her, exasperated at her failure. "Aren't you acquainted with the CEO? There's nothing you can't handle to act like a spoiled child in front of him."

Her intuition told her that there must be something between them.

Just thinking about the scene like that, Viola felt very embarrassed. "I'm not familiar with Mr. Chu, chief editor. If I do as you said, he will kill me," she drew a long face.

She removed the goose bumps on her arms and made a gesture of rubbing her nose.

The scene of her being locked in the warehouse was still vivid in her mind.

"Haha." But Stephanie didn't believe him. She threw the last shot. "No matter what means you use, you have to make an interview successfully. Otherwise, you'll be back to the base for years."

So Viola is out.

She sat on her seat, sulking.

She had worked so hard to achieve what she had today, but now she had to go back to the basic level unit

Resting her chin in her left hand, she sighed. On a second thought, it was not a big deal to go back to the basic level unit. At least, she could live a peaceful life, unlike what she was doing now.

When it was time to go off work, a complicated feeling emerged in Viola's heart. She went back to her rented apartment and knocked on the door, but nothing happened.

She waited for a while, but no one answered. She took out the key, put it into the lock and turned left. "Pop." the door opened.

A five-year-old boy was on a crocodile shaped flannel, and with a pair of grape like round black eyes, he stared at a piece of examination paper on the table. His little fat hand was press on the examination paper, and a pen was writing on it.

When he heard her voice, he didn't even give her a hug or a look.

With a hint of sadness in her eyes, Viola closed the door and exaggeratedly walked over with her hand on her heart. "Ann, why don't you open the door?"

She accused, with her hands on the table in

front of him.

Ann Qi's face was still wet with anger. He said in a baby voice, "I am so obsessed with questions and irresistible."

Viola nodded in agreement and got closer to him. "Solving problems is the only way to solve problems, but you should have a good rest. Come on, kissing Mommy on the lips."

"How cheeky you are!" Zed gave her a pinch.

"Just one kiss." Jane kept coming closer

Ann Qi pushed her face in the opposite direction and said, "Childish."

Rolling her eyes, Viola suddenly wiped the tears that did not exist in her eyes, sobbed, "Ah, I've got the sprain today, it's really painful."

She pulled a chair to sit down and took off her black high-heeled shoes. As expected, her ankles were red.

"You can just hurt to death." While saying that, Ann Qi turned around and fetched a private medicine box for Viola.

Dabbing some medicinal liquor on a clean cotton swab, Ann Qi smeared it on Viola's wounded ankle.

Viola hissed and seemed very aggrieved. "It hurts."

Ann Qi snorted, "You are always careless. You deserve it."

The way he talked was very amusing.

Trying not to laugh, Viola scolded her honestly, "Yes, it's Mommy's fault. Mommy will never do that again."

Ann Qi glanced at her and held his hand more lightly.

Looking at the back of his son's head, Viola felt warm in her heart.

This was the child she brought up by herself. Although there was no expression on his face all day long, only she knew that he only had hard mouth.

She was nothing like Maynard, who had nothing but his handsome face and wealth.

Ann Qi applied medicine to her wound and wrapped it with white gauze. Then, he continued to pull a long face, "Who bullied you? I'll help you punish him. After all, you are protected by me. If he dares to touch you, it's just like slapping my face."

Viola was afraid that he would really push himself to the death.

"I have dealt with those who bullied me before." She swallowed hard.

If his son could get justice for her, it would be a living nightmare to see his biological father, a living nightmare, or to make her reduced to such a horrible man.

Ann Qi asked, "Really?"

Viola said, "No, you're not lying. I'm not a pushover."

With a guilty conscience, Viola had a sight adjustment. But when she saw the test he had prepared, she was confused, "What's this?"

"I'm solving international math problems." Ann Qi looked serious. "After I succeed, I will work hard to make money and let you harm others."

Viola grabbed the examination paper and hid it behind her. Then she said kindly, "No, we are not so poor as to earn your living by your talent."

Her heart was sour at the moment. How could she forget that her son was so smart that he needed training right now?

"That's fine, my face is worth a try." What Ann Qi had said just now really surprised Viola.

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