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   Chapter 4 You Can't Escape

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Did I do a good job? Make persistent efforts?

Viola pinched her arm and tried to calm down. "Chief, this is definitely a trick, isn't it?"

Stephanie cast her a cold glance and said, "Are you doubting I was joking? Or are you suspecting that Maynard, the top of the pyramid, has some ulterior motives? "

A few moments later, Viola forced a smile and shook her head. "No, no, I'm thinking too much. But, chief editor, I'm a dumb, careless person. How about giving this opportunity to our colleagues?"

She really didn't want to see that man. It was so hard for her to escape. If she was caught by him again, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"Didn't you say that you would make amends for your previous faults by good deeds?" Stephanie's eyes flashed with sarcasm. "It's a chance. I wonder how lucky you were to interview him."

The smile on Viola's face froze. She glanced at her cautiously and said, "Chief editor, you see, I'm afraid that I will screw it up and deduct all my salary. If you change to another person, I won't get it."

She put her palms together and bowed to beg.

Zachary Zhang remained silent for two seconds. He felt touched and his face softened. "Then I'll call him to ask if you're waiting here."

Upon hearing the first half sentence, Viola smiled happily. When she heard the second half sentence, she felt her face was as cold as eggplant.

As soon as the line was connected, Viola saw that Stephanie turned around and asked in a friendly voice as if she had changed herself, "Mr. Chu, I'm afraid that she can't handle it well. I think she's in a dilemma. Would you like to change to another person?"

Viola picked up her ears and vaguely heard Simon said on the phone, "Let her answer the phone." She wanted to dig a hole on the ground and hide into it.

As Stephanie transferred it back to her, Viola kept her chin up and pretended that she hadn't heard anything.

"It's Mr. Chu. Please answer it." Said Stephanie, putting on a long face.

Viola looked at the microphone, as if she had felt the calling of a devil.

"Hurry up, Viola," Stephanie urged, gritting her teeth.

However, there was nothing Viola could do at that moment. She had no choice but to bite the bullet. She took the cellphone from Stephanie's hand and placed it by her ear. In a dry voice, she said, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Chu."

Just as the words fell from her lips, a low, evil and attractive voice rang in her ears, "If you want to live in Y City, come here. Otherwise, the consequences are not something you can afford."

"Woman, you can't run away from me," came the other end of the line

Viola covered the speaker with her hand right away and raised her head pitifully. "Please say something nice f

or me, chief editor. I'm injured badly. I really can't take this task. What can I do?" "I'm also desperate."

With her arms crossed, Stephanie put her phone on speaker, which made Viola feel that she didn't need the microphone.

"Mr. Chu, Viola sprained her ankle. I'm afraid there's nothing we can do about it. Can you please give a chance to a newcomer of our magazine company?"

Viola finally felt that Stephanie had spoken for her, and nodded in agreement.

"Really? Then forget it... "

"Mr. Chu, no problem. Viola just sprained her ankle. It's nothing serious. Don't worry. It's not a big deal. I'll handle it."

When Viola saw the chief editor in chief apologizing to her at once and nodding and bowing with her lips twitching, she felt desperate about the world at once.

After the chief editor hung up the phone, with her hands clenched, Viola summoned up her courage, "Chief editor..."

Could she stay in the hospital for a few days?

"Alright, alright." Stephanie waved her hand. "You heard what I said. It's settled."

Not willing to give up, Viola still struggled, "Listen to me, chief editor, I'm seriously injured and it's not a good place for me to walk around."

Stephanie put on a serious face and threatened, "If you don't want to be fired, you have to crawl over there even if you lose your legs, let alone you are badly injured."

Viola nodded with tears in her eyes and was overwhelmed.

Being distracted by the chief editor and driven out of the magazine office with a heavy heart, Viola stood on the steps in the blazing sun and called her dear son.

"Mommy, we haven't seen each other for eight hours. I miss you."

When she heard her son's childish voice, Viola felt warm in her heart. "Well, Mommy also missed you very much."

"Mommy, when will you come back? I want to eat the pudding you cook."

Hearing that, Viola's face turned to be gloomy. "Don't mention it. Recently I have encountered a pervert who makes trouble all the time and set a claw at the place where your mommy works to force me to give up, or will be fried." She was choked to death and kept pouring bitter water.

After thinking for a while, she felt that she had nowhere to go. She hurried to tell the funeral affairs. "Baby, if Mommy can't come back, you have to eat well and sleep well. Put away mommy's bank card. The password is your birthday."

"Mommy, calm down. Don't be a coward. At the worst, you can go back to the countryside to grow vegetables. I will kiss with you."

Viola was deeply touched. Thanks to her son's encouragement, she had come to her senses.

"Babe, you're right. Wait for me tonight. Bye." After hanging up the phone, she looked up at the cloudless blue sky with a look of death.

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