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   Chapter 2 Is It Him

Forever And Always By Bei Jin Characters: 5591

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"Let me go!" Terrified, Viola screamed out and struggled to push Maynard off her.

Maynard, slow as he was, could sense that his own unusual reaction was caused by some drug. But when he saw that Viola's long hair spread out like the sea and her faint fragrance wafted to his senses, the growing heat from inside him became stronger.

He held her arms over her head, and stooped down to press his lips against hers, completely ignoring her struggle.

With her eyes wide open, Viola recalled something that had happened in the past. She bit his lips hard, the metallic taste of blood spreading on her mouth.

"You better behave yourself," Maynard smirked, licking off the blood at the corner of his mouth. His clear eyes looked clouded because of the drug that he took.

Viola struggled even harder and began to kick around. Her action did not anger Maynard. In fact, he even laughed at her attempt.

With one quick movement, he took his tie from the edge of the bed and tied it around Viola's wrists twice.

"Bastard! Bastard!"

Viola was short of breath. She wanted to yell for help, but his thin lips were pressing against hers once more.

Light shone through the windows as the sun rose in the early morning. Viola's long and thick eyelashes trembled, and for a moment she was at a daze. Remembering what had happened last night, she jolted up. The movement caused her so much pain that it made her gasp out.

The blanket slipped down her body, and she saw all the purple bruises splattered across her skin.

Slowly, she moved the slightest bit. Viola gritted her teeth as she felt how much her body ached. Looking beside her, she saw Maynard sleeping soundly. There was nothing more she wanted than to tear that man apart.

But, she had to go to work, and didn't have the time to deal with him just yet. Viola hastily stood up and looked for her clothes on the ground. Upon seeing her clothes torn and ragged, she gave a low, annoyed groan.

Thinking quickly, she knew that Maynard was going to stay here at the presidential suite for several days. It was highly likely that he still had a lot of clean clothes inside his closet.

Viola opened the tall, mahogany closet, and saw a number of expensive-looking shirts and suits. With a shrug and a sigh, she took a shirt and put it on.

The shirt only reached up to her thigh. 'I can't go out like this!' Viola also took a suit and put it on her. After she had buttoned it up, she felt a little more comfortable.

Viola was about to head out when she remembered that she hadn't seen clearly the person who took advantage of her last night. Slowly and quietly, she walked over to the other side of the bed and carefully looked at the sleeping man.

The bangs were scattered on his full forehead, and his sharp

eyes were closed. There was no longer a cold and intimidating look on his face -- in fact, he looked a bit angelic. He had a straight nose and a sharp, angular jaw.

When Viola saw his face, she felt as if she had been struck by lightning. She staggered and nearly fell to the ground.

"Oh my God!" She cursed in a low voice.

He looked exactly like her small son.

Viola shook her head and rubbed her eyes, then stared at his face again to make sure she wasn't just seeing things.

Her lower lip trembled.

Five years ago, a man--this man!--had taken advantage of her one unfortunate night. Viola got pregnant and was expelled from her school because of it. It was so difficult for her during those times that she almost had to live on the streets. Going through all those hardships was far from easy. And now, for the second time around, this man had hurt her yet again!

With a sneer, Viola took out a pen from her bag.

"I won't be able to live with myself if I don't get some sort of justice right now!" Carefully, Viola poked at Maynard's side to make sure that he was fast asleep. When he didn't stir, she began to scribble all over his face.

After that, she took out her phone and took photos of him. When she was satisfied, she went out the door with a triumphant smile on her mouth.

Viola had already gone home to change into her blue uniform before she arrived at the office for the magazine she worked at. Her long hair was tied into a simple ponytail. After taking a deep breath, Viola stepped in.

Meanwhile, Maynard had finally woken up. He stretched his arms and felt that the woman had already gone.

Maynard put on his boxers and walked into the bathroom. There, he saw his reflection on the mirror. There was a turtle drawn on his face, as well as the word "BEAST" written in bold letters. A quick and angry fist came slamming down on the bathroom counter.

He turned the faucet on and splashed cold water across his face. When all the marking had washed away, a devilish smile appeared on his lips. "Very nice!" he said with a sinister laugh, drops of water sliding down his angular face. 'Okay. You've caught my attention, woman...'

An hour later, Viola arrived at the well-known Bright Hotel. She went straight up to the second floor with the intention of getting to the No. 5 Presidential Suite. Although there was no one else in the corridor, she knew that this place had surveillance at every corner. 'I have to be careful, ' Viola swallowed.

When she got to the door, she was debating with herself whether she should just go for it or not.

Squaring her shoulders, Viola made up her mind and knocked at the door.

The door opened before her.

But there was no one in the room. Looking around, she took a cautious step inside.

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