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   Chapter 1 Erotic Feelings

Forever And Always By Bei Jin Characters: 6436

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Viola Qi looked at herself in the mirror, her hands lying flat on the edge of the sink. The mirror had a thick, golden frame, which easily fitted along with the overall look of the deluxe presidential suite. "Come on, Viola Qi. You can do this. This is the big break you've been wishing for ever since you became a journalist. Just believe in yourself." Her fingers tapped nervously on the bathroom counter as she gave herself some pep talk. Although there wasn't an ounce of makeup on her face, Viola Qi was undoubtedly a beautiful woman.

Seconds later, she heard the door to the suite open with a faint click, and the sounds of footsteps on the marble floor.

At that moment, Viola Qi was so nervous that her heart almost jumped out of her throat.

Carefully, she opened the bathroom door ever so slightly to take a peek at the person she was about to interview. Much to her surprise, the first thing that she noticed was the strong smell of alcohol.

Through the small door crack, Viola Qi saw a pair of charming eyes. A million things were running through her mind then.

'Is he drunk? How do I interview him? I've never interviewed a drunk person before! What if he gets angry and tries to beat me up!'

With a sigh, Viola Qi was already deliberating whether or not she should just sneak out before he noticed that she was there.

The man, Maynard Chu, took off his sleek, black suit and threw it haphazardly on the sofa. He was now only wearing his black slacks and a white, button-down shirt paired with a silk tie, making him look rather dashing.

He had obviously one too many to drink. As his body got hotter and hotter, he also felt a lustful desire awakening inside of him.

Maynard Chu frowned at the strange yet familiar feeling. When he was about to sit down on the sofa, someone knocked on the door.

"Come in,"

Maynard called, his voice was cold and robust, but had a pleasant tone to it. Viola Qi, who was still peeking from the bathroom, was instantly drawn to his voice.

At this point, she couldn't head out, and had to stay put until she could make her timely exit.

The door opened, and a tall woman wearing a white coat and a pair of high heels came inside. Everything about her looked classy and noble.

"What are you doing here, Yesenia Lu?" When Maynard Chu saw her, he finally slumped onto the sofa. With his legs crossed and his arms resting widely across the top, he looked like the ruler of the world.

With a gentle smile on her face, Yesenia Lu slowly walked up to him, her heels clacking crispy against the floor. "I heard that you were drunk, so I came up to see you. Perhaps you need me to take care of you?"

"Fuck off!" Maynard Chu scoffed, waving his hand away.

The corners of Yesenia Lu's mouth twitched slightly, but she tried to maintain the charming smile on her face.

"Don't you want to turn the air conditioner on? It's so hot here..." she said, pretending that she didn't hear Maynard curse her. She came here with a goal in mind, and she wasn't just about to give up.

Standing in front of Maynard Chu, Yesenia slowly unzipped her coat with her slender and delicate fingers. The coat gently fell to her feet as she gracefully

rolled her shoulders. The fiery red bra she wore stood out beautifully against her fair skin.

Even Viola Qi was stunned by the amount of sex appeal that woman had. She had never expected that a person like Yesenia, who was a superstar adored by millions of people, would have such a lascivious side!

Viola looked intently at what was happening. She saw how Yesenia Lu's eyes sparkled with immense passion as she gazed at Maynard Chu.

"I want you out of here in thirty seconds,"

Maynard Chu said with a low grunt as he ruffled his short hair. He did not have a hint of interest in the woman in front of him. 'What an incredibly dense man!' Viola Qi thought to herself.

Biting her lip, Yesenia Lu stepped out of her heels, her feet touching the cold, hard floor. She stepped closer towards Maynard Chu, and boldly sat on his leg.

"Maynard, I've been in love with you for a long time..." Leaning in closer, she ran her hands up Maynard's arms. "I've been trying to get you to notice me for such a long time now. Don't you have any feelings for me?"

Her head bent down, and she placed soft kisses on his neck.

All of a sudden, the expression on Maynard Chu's face changed. In a blink of an eye, he pulled the woman off of his body and picked up the clothes she left on the ground. Before Yesenia Lu could react, Maynard Chu had gotten a hold of her wrist.

"Maynard..." Yesenia Lu mumbled, feeling shocked.

With a sneer, Maynard Chu pulled her across the room, opened the door and pushed her out. Then, he threw the clothes outside with her.

Not bothering to see her reaction, he slammed the door shut.

Maynard Chu pulled out his handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his neck in disgust. He threw the handkerchief into the trash bin and cursed. With a grunt, he stormed into his bedroom to go change his clothes.

As soon as he left, Viola opened the bathroom door and poked her head out, checking to see if the coast was clear. When she was sure that Maynard wasn't going to come back anytime soon, she quickly grabbed her things.

She lightly rubbed her face. What happened the past few minutes was a real eye-opener for her! Yesenia Lu tried her best to seduce Maynard Chu and he completely turned her down!

Viola Qi took her handbag and quickly turned to leave. However, she was in such a hurry that she had clumsily knocked over the vase beside the mirror!

Bang! The vase exploded into a million tiny pieces on the ground with a sharp crash.

Viola Qi's face turned pale. Tightly holding her handbag, she felt her heart beating wildly in her chest.

Frozen in place, she saw the bathroom door open widely.

Viola was so frightened at what may happen next that she staggered backwards.

Maynard Chu stood by the door. He was in the middle of changing his clothes, and so his shirtless body revealed his bronze skin and his smooth and tight muscles.

He glared at Viola Qi coldly. Biting her lip, Viola tried to force an apologetic smile.

"Heh.. I can explain. I-- Ah!"

Before she could finish her sentence, Maynard had grabbed her by her wrist and dragged her to his bedroom. Shocked, Viola fell onto a big, white bed, with Maynard pressing onto her.

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