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   Chapter 748 You Have The Right To Keep Silent And Have No Right To Protest

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"Why are you here?"

As she spoke, Hilary didn't forget to grab the quilt to cover her body.

Glancing at the vigilant woman, Willie wiped his hair with a towel.

"This is my room. You are sleeping on my bed."

What? His bed!

She had slept on his bed more than once!

"Your room?" Hilary really couldn't believe it. Was there no other room in the villa? Why did he have to put her here?

Was he setting her up? But anyway, he didn't look like a psychopath.

She used to admire this room very much, but now she was in a bad mood.

"Huh! I don't think people like you like this style! "

Sea blue, noble, elegant and holy.

Therefore, Hilary had always liked it, but now, it was estimated that it had overturned her image in her heart.

"Knock, knock, knock."

After knocking at the door, Lena came in with porridge and put it on the crystal round table.

While Hilary got up from the bed fawningly and stared at the bowl of porridge.

Looking at the woman who seemed to be greedy for millions of dollars, the corners of Willie's mouth slightly raised.

"Thank you, Lena." Hilary picked up the spoon and took a big bite without asking if it was for her porridge.

Lena saw the two of them when she came in and thought she would disturb them... She smiled awkwardly. Miss Hilary really didn't treat herself as an outsider. Was she so sure that the porridge was for her?

The answer was yes.

Hilary didn't believe that Willie had the habit of eating late night snack.

The woman was enjoying her meal. She didn't care about the image of a rich lady at all and wolfed down.

Willie sat on the sofa with a glass of red wine in his hand, watching her eating and drinking from time to time.

Such a peaceful and beautiful scene was really rare.

——Wil, I will decorate our room in sea blue from now on, as if we are in the sea.


——Hey, this is called romance!

——You want to marry me so much? Can't wait to decorate the bridal chamber?

——No, No. I'm talking about the future!

In t

erson. She was so stupid to think that it would be forever.

But obviously, it was not.

At that moment, Hilary's heart was really touched.

In fact, it was never bad to marry Willie, just because she was brought away from the reality by the dream of love. Now that Hilary woke up from the dream, she could see it clearly.

When he saw her reading the agreement slowly, he knew her choice.

In fact, it was just like an ordinary prenuptial agreement. It just gave him a chance to show off his family property.

Well, Hilary admitted that when she saw the countless numbers, her eyes should flash with a light.

"Okay, no problem..." She nodded and was about to take up the pen to sign, but she was choked by the last agreement.

——After the marriage, the woman must give birth to two children within three years.

"It's unfair!"

She said angrily. What kind of agreement? Did he take her as a tool to give birth to a child? Why should she give birth to two babies within three years as soon as she married!

"It's unfair to me. I haven't graduated yet!"

Besides, her relationship with him would not be known until they got married. It was impossible for her to have a baby so soon.

"You have the right to keep silent," Willie said casually, but the next sentence made the woman speechless.

"But you have no right to protest."

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