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   Chapter 747 Come With Me

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"No... I don't want to! " No way! She curled her lips and said discontentedly, "Mr. Willie, can you let go of me? It's uncomfortable for me to be held like this. "

What a shameless man!

"As long as I feel comfortable."

Damn it! How could you be more shameless!

She was like an angry kitten gritting her teeth. That was enough, big pervert!

"I find that you have obsessive-compulsive disorder. You always like to force others to do things they don't like."

After saying this, Hilary felt that the big hand that was holding her waist loosened and took this opportunity to get out of his arms.

"So, is this a disease?" he asked with a smile

"Of course. Besides, you are incurably ill. Normal medicine doesn't work at all." Thinking of what had happened after she met him, she hated him.

"I have to take out your heart, liver, spleen and lung and wash them again!"

The heart, the spleen and the lung...

The man narrowed his evil eyes and smiled coldly. It would be good if it really worked.

"Unfortunately, I don't plan to cure it."

"…" Hilary rolled her eyes speechlessly.

Looking out of the window, the sea was connected to the sky, and the waves were particularly conspicuous in the sunlight. Such a glory should be shared with the one you like.

It was so quiet.

After a long time, she opened her mouth slowly.

"I don't want to go back,"

She had to face something unexpected when she went back. Just take it as she was afraid. She just wanted to stay here quietly, forget everything and watch the ebb and flow every day. That would be great.

But Willie took it as another meaning and sneered.

"Why don't you go back and wait for your lover to take you away?"

Hilary turned her head away from his annoying face. She turned a deaf ear to his sarcasm.

Instead of getting angry, Willie took out the file bag and casually threw it on the seat. The photos inside were scattered in the air, and in Hilary's eyes, she was no longer indifferent.

She picked up the photos with her trembling hands. The time in the photos was from yesterday to this morning. The man in the photos was taking care of the person on the bed carefully.

Huh... Dorian, was this what you said to take me away?

She had thought that he broke his promise because of something, but he still couldn't let go of Nyla.

Strangely, her heart ached now, but she couldn't shed a tear.

Only the hatred of being betrayed gradually spread in her body.

When did she learn to hate? It shouldn't be like this. She was not such a person.


She never hid her emotions, but now, he really didn't see the expected painful tears.

Did he underestimate her?

"If I say it doesn't hurt, will you be very disappointed that you have taken so many photos in vain?"


icked her up with his cold and tough character.

For the first time, she quietly looked at his flawless side face in his arms. She didn't struggle or cry. Maybe she was tired, or she knew that no matter how hard she resisted, she could not defeat him in the end.

She was so sleepy that she just wanted to close her eyes and have a sleep. It had only been one day since yesterday. She felt that she was going to run out of energy.

She slept for a long time.

In a daze, Hilary felt the wet coldness on her right cheek. It was very gentle, as if a little force would hurt her.

Willie's eyes were fixed on her sleeping face. It seemed that she was really tired. After applying the medicine, the swelling on her face gradually faded away.

She fell asleep in his arms before getting on the car. When they arrived at the villa, he changed her clothes and she didn't wake up.

"Stupid bug."

His finger pulps touched the woman's fair and straight nose. Willie sighed, 'what if you meet a bad guy and sleep so soundly?'?

You always don't have that kind of heart, Hilary.


The sleeping girl's stomach kept twitching. Hilary smacked her lips as if she had dreamed of something delicious. She was really hungry. She hadn't eaten anything since yesterday.

When she woke up, it was already dark.

It was still on the bed in the room last time. 'He still took her back here. He was a little conscientious. He didn't throw himself on the road or take her back to the Gu Clan.'

Was this the place where he had a mistress.

"Are you awake?"

A voice suddenly came out, which really frightened the woman who was thinking about it.

When the man came out of the bathroom, he wore a bathrobe, and his short black hair was stained with water. The opening of the bathrobe slightly revealed his bronze chest, which looked attractive and delicious.

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