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   Chapter 745 It's Him!

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"Miss Tang, you and the bride are good friends. Has she planned to run away from the wedding?"


All kinds of sharp questions surrounded the people present. Although the hotel staff tried their best to expel the reporters, the chaos made the flawless wedding a laughing stock all over the city.

Grandpa Su was out of breath. He frowned and felt a sudden pain in his heart. He put his old hand on his chest and couldn't breathe in an instant. He looked painful.

"Dad, Dad!"

"Grandpa Su!"

While everyone was screaming, the old man's eyes went black and he fell into a coma.

In the VIP lounge,

With a glass of wine in his hand, Willie sat on the chair lazily. The white shirt was slightly open, and the diamond buttons on the neckline were particularly dazzling.

"Mr. Willie, Grandpa Su was sent to the hospital. The reporters have left."

Don simply stated what had happened just now, as if Willie had expected it.

With a cold smile on his face, Willie swirled the wine in his glass.

"As for Nyla..." Don received the news that Dorian had been staying in the hospital all the time. He couldn't help but ask out of curiosity.

"Mr. Willie knows clearly that Dorian can't take Miss Hilary away. Why did Mr. Willie let her go?"

Isn't Miss Hilary the CEO's fiancee? Why did he let her run away from the wedding?

"Ha ha..." Willie chuckled, but his eyes were dark.

"My Hil, how can you know you are wrong if you don't suffer a little?"

The bride escaped from the wedding, and Grandpa Su was hospitalized. A grand wedding came to an end unexpectedly.

As soon as William came out of the hospital, William made a phone call.

"Are you a reporter of the first times? I know where Mrs. Gu is now... "

He closed the phone and sneered.

Hilary, I have reminded you that you didn't listen to me. This time, don't blame me for cutting off your route of retreat!

In the ward, Nyla had a light sleep. She opened her eyes from time to time and didn't close them until she was sure that Dorian was still there.

Standing in front of the window, Dorian looked at the scene in the distance with a gloomy face.

Hadn't William found her at the airport yet? He hoped that everything wouldn't be too bad. He couldn't leave now. He could only ask William to go to the airport to find her and take her back to the wedding.

Hilary, forgive me for letting you go.

At this moment, I would rather see you marry someone than let

g to wait for him for one or ten years, let alone one day."


——"Wil, will you wait for me like this in the future?"


——"I know you won't! But it doesn't matter. I'll wait for you. "

You promised to wait, but you gave it to someone else.

"Mr. Willie, do you want to pick Miss Gia up to the villa tonight?"

Finally, the man nodded slightly, and Don left the study.

That night, Hilary leaned against the swing and waited for a whole night. The wind at night made her shiver with cold. She didn't bring anything else with her. She was hungry and cold.

The first sun in the morning swept over her face, and she only felt a little absent-minded.

He didn't show up. That was all she could think of the whole night.

"Why? Why... "

Finally, she couldn't hold back her tears anymore. She squatted down and covered her head on her knees, crying.

"Aha... Liar! Liar! "

Dorian had promised to take her away. But he didn't show up. Who was she now? Why was she abandoned for escaping from marriage?

She had given up her identity and family for him, and became a sinner that the whole Jin City looked down upon. But he did this to her!

Why didn't he come, even for one time?

The man looked at the girl who was crying not far away, and his cold eyes were cold. He slowly walked towards her.

When she saw that the projection of the sunlight on the ground was covered by a shadow, her heart stopped in an instant. Could it be that he was here!

Regardless of the tears on her face, she quickly looked up. When she was about to say something, she was choked by the word "Dore".

It's him!

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