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   Chapter 743 Hil, Why Are You Always Naughty

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Seeing that Nyla had woken up, Dorian felt relieved and relieved.

"It's good that you are awake. Let's eat."

"Jonny, did you cook for me in person?" It had been a long time since she last had this feeling.

After all these things, they finally came back to the starting point. It was so good. Now she realized that she shouldn't have left him two years ago.

"Okay." He nodded. Seeing that Nyla smiled like a child, he could only smile with a guilty conscience.

He lied to her for the last time.

Seeing this scene, William didn't say anything. All he could think about was the information on Dorian's phone.

Leave tomorrow? It was Hilary's wedding tomorrow. Where did she want to go with Dorian?

They were going to leave everything behind and fly away!

William clenched his teeth and thought, 'This is the person I taught him by myself...'

The dinner was quiet and beautiful. Except for Nyla, who had been kept in the dark, the other two had their own thoughts.

"Dore, I suddenly have a stomachache. Can you buy me some medicine?"

Nyla was about to ask Dorian to play the piano for her, but when She heard William's order, She was in a bad mood and said before the man could reply.

"Mr. William, if you feel uncomfortable, just ask your assistant to buy it."

Obviously, William cast a cold glance at her words.

"I just want you to buy medicine for me, an elder. Maybe there will be no chance in the future."

The last few words made Dorian, who was sitting quietly, tremble, like a child who was about to be seen through, at a loss. But on second thought, he kept his mouth shut and William wouldn't know what was going on.

"Okay." He stood up, comforted Nyla, took a look at William, put on his hat and went out.

'Maybe this is the last time I do something for you.

William, I'm sorry.'

"William, why do you have to let Jonny go?" Nyla was very unhappy. Even if he helped her, she wouldn't have to listen to him in everything.

William looked at the angry woman with contempt and sneered.

"Nyla, if I hadn't found it in time, you would have cried!"

Nyla was confused. What was it? What did he find?

"I don't understand what you are talking about."

"You don't need to understand. Now, do as I said. If you still want to keep Dorian, you have to risk your life. "

It was too late for William to be cruel and soft hearted.

Hilary, you forced me. This time, I will make you never wait for him.

At nine o'clock in the evening, Dorian came back with medicine. As soon as he entered the house, he heard the voice of William.

"Nyla, open the door!"

"What's wrong?"

The bathroom door was locked from inside.

"She has been in there for a long time. I wanted to call her, but she didn't respond. Did something happen inside? "

No one could predict what would happen.

At this moment, Dorian's brain was quickly transferred. If she fell down, or if she committed suicide...

"Nyla, Nyla!" He calle

y didn't think so. Everything was ready except for the last step.

Frowning, Tia shook her head.

"I don't know."

"Then stop it. I think you want to go back on your words because you are afraid of your cousin." She stopped Tia with a pout.

Time passed slowly.

"You have to help me stall them off later!"

Hilary asked again and again to call Dorian, but no one answered.

"Girl, are you sure that Dorian will leave with you?" He didn't answer the phone all the time, which made Tia doubt whether Hilary was wishful thinking.

"Of course!" She rolled her eyes and looked at the time. Although she was a little nervous, she didn't care much. It was time.

"Well, let's give each other a hug for the last time." She opened her arms wide and gave the last big hug to her best friend who had accompanied her for so many years.

The petite figure jumped out of the window and looked around to make sure that it was safe and there was no one she knew.

Lowering her head, Hilary casually covered her small face with her long hair, only revealing her watery eyes. She pretended to be calm and walked towards the back door of the hotel.

She met many famous businessmen along the way. Fortunately, they only met her father, but not her.

But she didn't know that her every move had already been monitored.

"Mr. Willie, don't you need to send someone to stop Miss Hilary?"

Looking at Hilary who was sneaking away not far away, Don didn't understand why the CEO just watched her leave without being stopped?

The man held the champagne in his hand, and the exquisite and smooth glass reflected a ray of light. He squinted his eyes with a relaxed expression, and pursed his lips with a smile. He looked elegant and unrestrained, as if he was watching a good play to be played, watching the girl gradually disappear not far away.

Hil, why were you always so naughty.

Having a sip of champagne, he chuckled.

"Spread the news that the bride has run away."

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