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   Chapter 742 We Are Leaving Tomorrow, Right

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There were only three days left before the wedding day, but Alice found that her daughter had changed. Hilary no longer pulled a long face and no longer went against her father.

She tried on the wedding dress attentively and laughed out of the window from time to time.

Alice thought it was a good thing that her daughter really accepted the marriage.

Alice smiled. She was worried that Hilary wouldn't do that.

Now thinking about it, she realized that the man Hilary had fallen in love with since she was a child was exactly what she wanted!

"Baby, what are you doing?"

Alice came in with the freshly made pear soup. Hearing the noise, Hilary covered a book casually and said with a smile.

"Nothing. I just want to see what I can find to do after graduation."

She took the soup cooked by her mother and licked her lips. It looked delicious.

"You are going to get married, but you still care about these things. There are still four months left before graduation. Maybe you will get pregnant in these four months..."

"Ahem!" The soup was choked by her words.

"Mom, you think too much."

"Why do I think too much? If you get married, you should have a child. I'm afraid that you don't understand. You've always been aggressive and don't know how to restrain yourself. "

Hearing this, Hilary pouted and frowned. Did giving birth have anything to do with her personality?

She replied disapprovingly, "the law doesn't say that one must have a child after getting married. What's more, if Willie is not in good health, you will blame me, won't you? "

"You!" Alice was stunned and looked at the door awkwardly. Fortunately, there was no servant there, or people would laugh at her.

"Don't you feel ashamed?"

"Why don't I feel ashamed? I didn't say anything wrong. If he really can't do that... Hiss! " Before she finished speaking, her mother gently touched her forehead. It was very light, but Hilary pretended to be very painful.

"It hurts, mom. You are unfair. You never hit me before."

Alice was speechless. How could she have such a weird and smart daughter? She spoke in a good way.

"Hilary, you have to learn to grow up after you get married." Alice also hoped that her daughter could be so willful in front of her all her life, but no matter how much she spoiled her, she knew that it would only hurt her.

Noticing the sincerity in her mother's words, Hilary pursed his lips and listened quietly.

"After you marry into the Gu Clan, you can't lose your temper to your parents in law. Although your uncle and aunt are good, they won't spoil you as I do. Besides, as a wife, you should treat your husband as your own God. Don't be too strong in everything. The greatest happiness of a woman is to have a stable family. Do you understand that? "

Facing her mother's "teachings", Hilary nodded slightly to show her comprehension, but she didn't think so at all.

She put down the bowl, held his mother like a child, closed her eyes and smelled the fragrance of her mother.

She had to remember this

Tomorrow she would leave this place where she had lived for more than 20 years and say goodbye to her family. She was indeed reluctant to part with him. She didn't know if Grandpa was still alive and whether her parents could forgive her when they met again in the future.

"Don't think about it anymore!" She shook her head hard. Now she needed more faith.

She took out her phone, with an early spring smile on her face, and pressed the send key to protect the phone in her heart, waiting for its response.

The vibration of his mobile phone interrupted what Dorian was doing. All he wanted to do now was to cook dinner for William and Nyla. The last dinner would be his compensation.

——Dore we are leaving tomorrow, aren't we?

"Silly girl." He murmured to himself and soon replied the message.

Outside the kitchen, William had been watching him all the time. Why did Dorian smile like this?

What's in the phone?

In the past, he could be in charge of his mobile phone and communication confidently. But since the accident in the hospital, it seemed that there was a gap between Dorian and him.

Glancing at Nyla who was sleeping in the bedroom, William pretended to be nervous and walked up to Dorian.

"Dore, I wanted to wake Nyla up, but she seemed to be in a coma and didn't move."

As soon as he finished his words, Dorian's face changed. He put down the things in his hands and walked towards the bedroom.

At the same time, William had picked up the phone on the table and clicked on the message. When he saw the content on it, his face suddenly changed.


"What's wrong, Jonny?"

A voice came from the bedroom. William tried to calm himself down and put the phone back to its original position.

"It's good that you're fine. I called you just now, but you didn't wake up. I thought something was wrong." William interjected. Nyla pursed her lips and thought, 'Did I just sleep like this?'

In confusion, she saw William's cold eyes. 'what's wrong with him?

Did she do anything wrong?

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