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   Chapter 711 They Are Really Alike!

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Ximena didn't expect that Bess was so good at telling lies.

Originally, she didn't want to argue with Bess. Even if Bess really killed Kitty, she still needed a sincere apology to be forgiven.

However, it was obvious that this woman didn't want to say anything to apologize. On the contrary, she was still framing her at this time.

Well, she could only say that the woman Yates fell in love with really showed his taste, and was really like him.

Yates didn't say a word all the time. He stared at the nervous face of Bess for a long time and said, "Bess, as long as you say no, I will believe you! Whatever you say. Come here, let's go back. "

As he spoke, he reached out his hand to her. His eyes were pure, as if he was saying, "even if your hand is stained with blood, I still love you.".

Ximena had guessed that Yates wouldn't do anything to Bess, even if it was in front of her.

But she was still surprised by his eyes! It turned out that Yates would be so persistent in loving someone.

"Yates, I'm sorry!" Bess stopped for a second and slowly reached out her hand.

——Sorry, you are still willing to believe me at this time.

——Sorry, I killed your favorite pet by accident.

——I'm sorry that I didn't love you wholeheartedly before.

Ximena really wanted to help them, but her bottom line was there, and she couldn't pretend that nothing had happened. So she quickly walked over and pulled Bess' weak body hard. "Miss Bess, if you have mercy, you have..."

"Yes, I, I killed Kitty by accident." Without hiding anything, Bess said directly, "but I really didn't mean to do that. I was afraid of the cat. When Kitty jumped on me, I just wanted to get rid of it, but I didn't expect it to die like this."

"Then why did you lie? Why didn't you stand out first when Yates misunderstood me?" Ximena's eyes were calm and not flustered, even if the man next to her seemed to be shooting her to death by his eyes. "Even just now, you were still talking nonsense and framing me."

"… I'm sorry! " Bess suddenly sof

but smart and tough. He suddenly felt that she was so different.

Late at night, in a private club.

Yates sat lazily in the box, with no one around him. He was holding a glass of wine, and the amber liquid reflected in the light.

He drank up the wine in his hand and became a little drunk in an instant. At this time, the door of the box was pushed open. Pimp in luxury clothes came in, followed by several young and beautiful girls.

"Mr. Shen, you haven't been here for a long time." Pimp was sweet and had a good figure. "But it's a coincidence that several new girls come here these days. They are all clean. Mr. Shen, which one do you like? "

Yates smiled evilly. He looked at those women who seemed to be almost the same looking with the same beautiful face. But when he saw the last thin woman, he suddenly paused.

They are alike!

"Come and sit next to me." He waved at the woman and said.

Pimp was surprised. She didn't expect to pick the most ordinary one. "Mr. Shen, look at the others..."

"I only want her. Get out of here!"

Yates said angrily.

No one in Jin City dared to offend him, and Pimp immediately smiled, "yes, yes, we are going out now. Mr. Shen, enjoy yourself! "

"You are lucky. Don't be silly. Show him all the skills you have just learned!" When she left, Pimp looked at the thinnest girl and whispered.

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