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   Chapter 620 What Did You Hide From Me Six Years Ago

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Becky said something to Jessie, but Winnie didn't really listen to her. After dinner, she stood up and went upstairs again. She thought he might not come back tonight.

It was good that Jacob didn't come back. Anyway, it was the same when he came back. This time, the conflict between them was inexplicable, but it was not as before. It only needed a few words to coax them to get back together in the past.

After she went upstairs, Jessie looked at Becky and said, "it seems that they did have a fight, or she wouldn't have kept silent."

"I suppose so."

"It's good for them to quarrel. It's better for them to divorce." All of a sudden, Jessie said, "in this way, Vincent will have the chance to successfully take over the Gong consortium. Becky, Vincent will be your husband in the future. I think... For the sake of you and your baby, you should also help him, right? "

Jessie hadn't revealed her true feelings to Becky before. On the one hand, she thought it was not the time yet. On the other hand, she felt it was useless to tell her.

But since Vincent had said that Becky was useful to him, it was not impossible to tell her some details.

"Becky, in fact, Jacob is not my son. He has no blood relationship with me. He is... My husband has a child with another woman outside. My son is only one, and that is, Vincent. Now it's time for you to confess... Are you willing to do anything for Vincent? "

Becky didn't expect that Jessie would tell her so soon... She was caught off guard and didn't even have time to pretend to be surprised.

"Mom, are you serious?" Becky's eyes widened. The sandwich in her hand fell into the China plate. With a good acting skill, she said, "... Are you lying to me? "

"Do you think I will be so bored?" Jessie rolled her eyes at her and said, "forget it. Maybe it's not the right time to tell you now. Just pretend that you didn't hear anything, so that Vincent won't blame me for being nosy."

Becky's eyes trembled. She knew that Jessie was impatient because of her reaction, so she immediately corrected herself, "no, No. I just feel a little surprised. Mom, since Vincent is the rightful heir of the Gong Clan, why is he... "

She was smart enough not to finish her sentence, because she found that there was something wrong with Jessie's eyes. Obviously, this was her taboo point.

That's right. As the son of the legal wife, Vincent could get nothing, while an illegitimate child could take power in the Gong Clan. No matter who got involved in this matter, they would not be willing to accept it.

"You don't have the right to know anything else. Now you just say it. Do you want to help Vincent or not?"

Jessie asked directly.

Without hesitation, Becky replied, "yes."

"Oh?" Raising her eyebrows, Jessie said, "don't you think about it at all? What a straightforward answer... "

Becky knew that her answer just now might make Jessie suspicious, or perhaps Jessie thought that she had no ability to help Vincent at all, but it was true...

"Mom, you should know my

he was a child. Was it the woman he liked before?

She had never heard him mention it.

"Mom, don't ask about it. You will know it by then." It was obvious that Vincent didn't want to talk about it, but he added, "I'm going to have a meeting. That's it."

The more he refused to tell her, the more curious Jessie became. Six years ago...

Who did he ask for?

Standing aside, Becky thought that Jessie would tell Vincent that the baby was a girl. Seeing that she didn't tell him, Becky felt much relieved. After thinking for a while, Becky said, "Mom, I... Can you promise me one thing? "

"What's the matter?"

"Can you not tell Vincent that I'm pregnant with a girl for the time being? I don't want to... Made him disappointed. "

"Sooner or later, he will know it. What can you change even if you hide it from him now?"

"I know, I know." Becky nodded, "I want to talk to him myself, so please keep it a secret for me for the time being, okay?"

Jessie didn't know what tricks she was playing, but she didn't think there was anything wrong with her. "Well, for the sake of your obedience, I agreed."

"Yes! Thank you, mom... "

At this moment, Becky thought that as long as Vincent didn't know, she might have another chance.

"What are you doing there? Let's go!"

Urged Jessie.

Becky came to her senses at once. When she was about to walk to the car not far away, a face suddenly flashed into her eyes...

Wasn't she the woman of that night?

And she was holding a child's hand...

Becky didn't expect such a coincidence. She immediately pulled Jessie beside her and said excitedly, "Mom, did you see it? The woman in a creamy white dress, with short hair and a child in her hand, is the one who sent my brother back to the mansion that night. "

"Are you sure?" With her eyes fixed on the woman, Jessie indeed saw a woman. She didn't have a beautiful face, but had a unique charm. It seemed that she was indeed the type that Jacob liked.

Simple and generous.

But what about that child?

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