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   Chapter 606 I Thought You Would Go Out To Meet Your Lover At Midnight

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The kiss was so intense that she didn't know how they left the party. When Winnie came to her senses again, she was carried into the car by the man. Then she heard him ask the driver to put down the partition.

Then, she was pressed on the chair by the man and began to do whatever he wanted.

The man's sudden enthusiasm made it a little difficult for Winnie to resist. While dodging, she also wanted to cater to him. She slowly wrapped her arms around the man's neck and tried to kiss him back...

However, all this stopped in an instant. The man suddenly left her and said, "Winnie, I was a little... Out of control. "

After he left, Winnie suddenly felt a little cold on her chest. She looked down and found that the buckle of the cheongsam had been unbuttoned. She quickly sat up and fastened the collar.

For a moment, the atmosphere in the car was a little strange. She didn't know what was wrong. It seemed normal for them to act like this.

But what he did just now was so deliberate, as if he was escaping something...

She tried to keep calm. "Oh, it doesn't matter."

Then the man reached out and held her in his arms, with his chin against her head. "Winnie, I've contacted the doctor. He'll come back soon. I'll go with you then."



After the two of them returned to the palace mansion, everything seemed to be as usual, but Winnie knew clearly that something seemed to be different.

At night, seeing that the woman was still asleep, Jacob stood up and went to the study.

In the quiet night, he didn't turn on the light. He just sat quietly by the window. Looking at the delicate scenery outside the Gong Clan's mansion, he frowned.

An inexplicable emotion surged up in his heart, forcing him to pick up the telephone on the table and press Yates' number. As soon as the phone was connected, he said, "Yates, did you find her back?"

"Huh! I thought you would be so calm, but it turned out that you were easily disturbed in the end. Yes, you are right. I did everything I could to get her back. Why couldn't she come back? Jacob, you know how much Sana has done for you. You are the ungrateful one! "

"Yates, listen to me. I'd better not involve anyone else in our matter, let alone her. Otherwise, I won't be softhearted!"

"Jacob, you have to admit that Sana is the thorn in your heart. As long as she appears, you can't calm down. It seems that I have done the right thing to find her back."


Suddenly, Jacob's heart was hit hard by Yates' words. He touched his eyebrows and asked, "what's wrong with that child? She's married?"

"If you really want to know, you can ask her yo

ale. She put some water into her mouth and tried her best to make herself look like vomiting only because of stomachache.

"Mrs. Winnie, don't worry. I just have a stomachache recently. I've seen the doctor and prescribed some medicine. "

"That's good." "Maybe it's because of the sequela of last time when we went to Apricot Village. Maybe it's because of the unaccustomed climate," said Winnie, slightly relieved.

With her head down, Ximena took a piece of tissue to cover her mouth and said, "maybe."

"Ximena, don't worry too much about that case. We will figure it out. A scumbag like Yates, even if we can't bring him to justice, God will take him sooner or later... "

"Mrs. Winnie." "I don't want to hear that name. Please don't mention him again."

Winnie was speechless...

After that, there was silence. The two of them left the bathroom and went to the hall, only to find that Ann and Adam, who had been sitting at the bar counter, were no longer there. Winnie looked around but didn't see the two.

'Where did the two go?'

Winnie asked Ximena to sit there and wait for a while, and then she went to look for them herself. Finally, she saw two furtive figures in a box.

"Hey! What are you looking at? "

Ann turned sideways, looking nervous, and made a gesture of "be quiet".

"Sister, I'm peeping at the big boss here. Don't make a sound, or they will hear me."

With curiosity, Winnie walked towards the box. Because the box was separated from the box by slightly transparent frosted glass, she could indistinctly see what was happening in another box...

At this time, her eyes were inexplicably attracted by the man sitting on the chair. Although she did not see his face clearly, she seemed to have seen him somewhere.

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