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   Chapter 605 Out Of Control Kiss

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Jacob smiled at her and said, "Miss Ye, long time no see."

"Yes, I've heard something about you for a long time. I feel that you haven't changed at all. You are still the same Jacob I know." "When everyone else objects to one thing, you insist on what you think is right, and then stubbornly go on without listening to other people's advice. Lisa said seriously. It sounds a little weird. Let's talk about something else. Is your wife here today? "

Jacob nodded, "yes."

Then he turned around to look at the food area, but he didn't see Winnie. "Sorry, I think she ran away again. Excuse me for my absence." He frowned slightly and said.

Finishing his words, Jacob turned around and left directly, ignoring the displeasure in Lear's eyes.

Looking at his receding figure, Lisa felt a little sad. "Dad, am I really not attractive at all?"

"Of course not." Lear walked over and patted her on the head. "Lisa, don't belittle yourself for any man. You are the one who deserves the best. Obviously, Jacob is not the one you are destined to marry. "

"But I thought he was that man for a while," said Lisa with gentle eyes.

"I'm sorry, my daughter. It's all my fault." Lear comforted her, "but fortunately, you are smarter than my father. You know that nothing forcibly done is going to be agreeable, so you didn't make a more serious mistake. Well, look at these excellent young people here. You should give them opportunities. "

In fact, Lisa had been travelling for a period of time. She had seen a lot of people, and occasionally met single men who had a crush on her on the way...

However, she really didn't have any feelings for them. She even didn't go to see them in Yudu.

However, the only face she remembered was a handsome man sitting in a wheelchair.

He was wearing a valuable Black Satin overcoat, which was completely Oriental. Although he was sitting in a wheelchair, his elegance could not be hidden.

At that time, Lisa wanted to accost him, but she didn't dare to step over.

In the end, she could only walk in the street in a hurry. She thought it might be fate!

When Jacob was trying his best to find Winnie, Winnie was playing with Cindy in the garden behind the dinner party.

She didn't expect to meet Cindy for the second time. At the dinner party of the Shen Clan, she was holding a piece of cake in her hand, and so was Cindy. The two of them sat on the granite beside the spray fountain, swinging their legs leisurely, as if they were basking in the sun

"Yes, I like her very much." Cindy smiled and said, "that aunt makes Cindy feel very familiar."

"Then who does Cindy like more than Mommy?"

She didn't know why, but she compared them inexplicably.

Cindy shook her hand and said, "of course I like mommy more!"

Hearing this, Bess also leaned over and kissed Cindy on the forehead, which eased the tense expression on her face a lot.

At this time, Winnie also saw Yates standing not far away. She was confused, "how could that Bess know Yates? Such a good woman was with that bastard Yates. It's a waste."

As soon as she finished speaking, she felt that the man held her hand more tightly, which even made her feel a little pain. She said painfully, "Jacob, let go of my hand. It hurts."


The man didn't respond.

Winnie immediately felt something was wrong with him. She looked sideways, only to find that the man's expression was as gloomy as she had never seen before... "What's wrong with you? "

Suddenly, the man let go of her hand and held her tightly in his arms. He stroked her slender back and said, "Winnie, you are very beautiful today. Maybe you didn't notice that many men were looking at you when you entered the room just now. I don't want them to see you again, so let's go back now! "

It was the first time that Jacob praised her so bluntly, which could be regarded as touching honeyed words.

So she was a little drunk and seemed to be floating in the air. "Are you really going back? But it's still early! "

As soon as she finished speaking, her lips were sealed by the man. His kiss had never been so passionate, and it seemed that he was a little out of control.

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