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   Chapter 603 I Just Don't Want Winnie To Have No Appetite

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At dinner time, Jacob and Winnie went downstairs together. Since Vincent and Jessie arrived here, the Gong Clan's mansion didn't look like it at all. To be more exact, there was only one owner in the Gong Clan's mansion before, and that was Jacob.

But now the situation was different. Basically, it was only Jessie who decided the size of the affairs in the Gong Clan's mansion.

At this time, Jessie was sitting on the main seat. She elegantly held the knife and fork in her hand, cutting the medium well steak. She looked dignified. After eating the fresh and tender steak, she glanced at the direction of Winnie and said, "now Becky's health is not bad. It seems that it's right for me to live here. I can resist evil."

She then added, "Jacob, you won't object to my living here with Vincent and Becky, will you?"

"As long as mother is happy." Jacob didn't object.

In fact, Winnie felt that the way Jacob and Jessie got along with each other was quite strange. It was obvious that Jessie loved her younger son more. As for the eldest son, Jessie was more like an elder who put on airs on purpose than a mother.

No one could feel the love between them.

Hearing this answer, Jessie smiled with satisfaction and continued to eat. At this time, a man came in at the door of the restaurant. It was none other than Vincent, who had just come back from outside.

He seemed to be drunk and his steps were in a mess. His face flushed after drinking. Seeing them having dinner, he reached out his hand and greeted, "Hi! Are you still eating? "

"Vincent, what's wrong with you these days? You have been drinking all the time. It's not good for your health to drink." It was rare for Jessie to teach Vincent a lesson.

Obviously, his performance was not good these days.

Sitting next to Becky, with one hand supporting his head, and the other hand lifting Becky's hair, Vincent acted as if he hadn't heard what Jessie had said. "Becky's hair is really good, especially when pulled backwards. It's more interesting."


Becky endured his touch and wanted to turn her head away, but was pulled over by him. Ignoring her resistance, he blocked her mouth.

Because of the alcohol, the smell in his mouth was really unpleasant. Plus, Becky was pregnant, so she shouldn't smell it at all. She almost vomited.

But she couldn't.

Once she did so, she would definitely be treated more cruelly by this madman at night.

She had thought that he would be the key for her to enter the rich and powerful family, but it turned out to be an endless nightmare

why can't I get your mercy no matter what I do?'

Why did Winnie get all your love without doing anything?

She had everything, a good family, a good education and a good job. God was so good to her. He gave all the good things to her, and even the best man in the world to her...

For the first time, Becky's heart was occupied by evil thoughts. She really wanted to destroy Winnie, take everything from her and make her lose everything.

The dinner party would be held tomorrow, and on this day, what Winnie did was to choose a dress for herself.

In fact, she didn't want to attend the dinner party. She just wanted to know the enemy.

The current situation was very disadvantageous to Ximena. As the saying went, "know yourself, know the enemy, fight a hundred battles and win a hundred battles." so she must know what Yates was thinking and what his secret plan was.

In the dress shop, Ann was reading a magazine idly. At this time, after changing her clothes, Winnie came out and asked, "Ann, how about this one?"

Ann raised her head and saw that she was wearing a light green cheongsam, with a high cut, and straight white legs below. Because of her deep facial features, it was easy to make people think that a foreign woman was wearing a Chinese cheongsam. How to say?

However, the beauty of these two styles was also dazzling.

"This one is beautiful."

"Well, I also think this one is good, so I'll take this one. By the way, Ann, take a picture of me with my phone. "

"Why do you take pictures?" Ann was confused.

"Send it to him. I wonder if he likes this style."

Ann really regretted asking this question. The public display of affection...

She felt so distressed.

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