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   Chapter 600 She Is As Beautiful As My Mother

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After hearing this, Winnie decided to go to the law office to discuss with Ann tomorrow morning. Although it was not appropriate for her to accept the order now, she could do something for her.

She had mentioned to Jacob about going to the law office, but she didn't tell him exactly why she needed to go there.

On the one hand, she was afraid that Jacob would not let her get involved. On the other hand, she thought that since Yates had made such a big move, it was impossible for him not to know. Two.

Even if the news hadn't reached his ears yet, it was only a small circle and he would know it soon. So it was better to keep it a secret.

On the second day, after breakfast, Winnie went out. During this period of time, Lady Gong was very concerned about the baby, so she didn't ask where Winnie would go.

When she was driving, Winnie suddenly felt a little thirsty. She looked around and found that there was no water. At this time, she happened to see a convenience store not far away, and there was a parking lot near it. She parked the car, walked into the convenience store and bought a bottle of coke that she had been craving for a long time.

In the Gong Clan's mansion, this kind of soda was a forbidden product. In addition, Jacob had been staring at her, so she didn't have the chance to drink it. She had been thinking about it for a long time.

Walking out of the convenience store, Winnie couldn't wait to take a sip. After a burp, she showed a satisfied smile, looked at the bottle in her hand and said, "the mayor doesn't drink this kind of drink. It's a great loss of fun in his life!"

However, it seemed that he had no fun at all. If she hadn't accompanied him during his recovery, he would have been very bored.

At this time, when she was about to get on the car with a drink, she felt someone pulling her skirt. She lowered her head and saw a little girl standing there.

"Aunt, I'm separated from my mother. Can you help me find my mother?" She raised her head, with a hint of uneasiness in her eyes. Her little hand grabbed her dress and swayed it.

"What?" It was the first time that Winnie had encountered such a thing, and she was instantly stunned. She looked around, and found that they were all people coming and going. Was she a little guilty? "if you are separated with your mother, you can call the police. I can't help you!"

Cindy tugged at the hemline of Winnie's dress and refused to let her go. "The policeman is so fierce. I don't want to see him. Auntie, can you help me find my mother? "

"I... I don't know how to find it for you." "Here, I'll give you the phone. You can call your mother yourself. You should know your mother's phone number, right?" Confused, Winnie took out her phone and said.

Cindy looked at her phone and pouted, "Auntie, mom and I just ca

long hair down to her shoulder standing there in a cotton suit. She had a pair of eyes that seemed to be able to talk and wore light nude makeup. She was not only beautiful, but also looked comfortable. Winnie had to admit that she was a woman that would be hard to forget when anyone saw her.

Sure enough, Cindy's mother was very beautiful.

With sweat on her face, Sana said, "Cindy, you scared me to death. Don't run around in the future, okay? It's easy to be taken away by bad guys. "

"Okay." Cindy nodded. Then she looked at the direction where Winnie was sitting and said with a smile, "Mom, that beautiful aunt helped me find my mom, and she even invited me to have ice cream, but I really only ate a little."

Then Cindy stretched out her small hand to measure the size of it. "It's really just a little."

Sana looked at the woman standing there with big waves. She was wearing an elegant white dress, and her eyebrows and eyes were as delicate as dolls. Her face was completely bare, and her skin was as good as porcelain.

Sana had been abroad for a long time and was used to the angular face. She was a little uncomfortable when she came back. But when she saw the woman in front of her, she felt like she was in a country with blonde hair and blue eyes again. It was really rare to find such a clear outline of a person in Asia, and it was hard to forget at a glance.

Holding Cindy's hand, she walked over with a smile and nodded, "thank you for helping Cindy."

"It's just a piece of cake." "Don't run around next time. I have to go now. Bye!" Then Winnie squatted down and touched Cindy's head.

Cindy shook her hand and said, "bye! Auntie, can I see you again? "

"Uh... It depends on fate. "

Sana noticed that Cindy seemed to be a little special to her, so she asked curiously, "may I have your name? I can also come to thank you in the future."

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