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   Chapter 599 He Is Married

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San Francisco.

When Yates arrived in San Francisco, it was already the evening of the second day. Without hesitation, he rushed to the place shown in the photo, a quiet town.

Looking at the white house in front of him, his heart beat so fast as if it could come out of his mouth. Everything was too unreal, as if he was in a dream.

He walked into the courtyard, where there were green grass, a green and yellow inlaid swing, and a beautiful little girl who was playing the swing.

The little girl was very beautiful. She had the pure Asian bloodline and wore a white dress. As soon as she saw him, she jumped off the swing and rushed into the room, shouting in English, "Mom, mom, there's a strange uncle outside."

Not long after, a slim figure walked out of the room. She was dressed in a white suit, with long black hair on her shoulder, thin eyebrows, big eyes, and oval face. Although she was not very outstanding, inexplicably she looked gentle and touching, which was unforgettable at a glance.

Yates had forgotten what crying was, but his eyes were red.

"Sana, my Sana..." He threw down his coat and ran towards the woman. Whether she wanted it or not, he held her in his arms and said.

The woman's expression was dull, but there was obvious surprise in her eyes.

She raised her hand slightly to hug him, but in the end, she didn't. She just let him hold her in his arms.

Yates didn't know how long he had hugged her, but he was reluctant to let her go. He held her face and said with difficulty, "it's so good to be hugged again... How are you? "

The woman didn't make a sound. She just smiled, and a flash of pain flashed through her eyes.

The pain made Yates release her at once. He smiled bitterly and said, "are you disappointed? Are you thinking... Why is it not him who rushed to you, but me. Sana, do you still miss him? "

"Come in!" "Yates, long time no see." With a faint smile on her face, Sana Tao's orange like temperament bloomed at this moment. She was neither arrogant nor rash, and her words could always comfort people's mind. Then she said.

Long time no see...

They had been apart for six years.

"Cindy, call uncle in Chinese." Then Sana took the little girl's hand and said to her.

The little girl named Cindy raised her head with a smile. "Hello, uncle."

Maybe it was because she grew up abroad all year round that she couldn't speak Chinese clearly, but she was very cute.

"Cindy! Can you tell me your full name?" Looking at the little girl, Yates' eyes became deeper and deeper. He squatted down and to

He was married!

Jacob, who else in the world can make you willing to marry!

She had to admit that she was very curious.

After lying on the bed for two weeks and being taken good care of by Winnie, Jacob had recovered. In the past two weeks, the two of them had been glued to each other, showing incomparable affection and admiration to others.

In the afternoon, the two of them huddled together as usual. Now that Winnie couldn't understand the German, Jacob was serving as a translation for her.

She said she was sleepy, so she found a random posture and lay in his arms...

Seeing that she was asleep, he picked her up and put her on the bed. Then he walked out of the room to help her get the dessert she wanted to eat after waking up.

When he was about to leave, her phone rang. Winnie woke up and answered the phone in a daze, "Hello! Who is it? "

"Sister, it's me!"

Ann said.

"Yes. What's wrong?"

"Sister, something happened. Do you still remember Yates' case? "

Hearing the word "Yates", Winnie immediately got up from the bed. She rubbed her eyes and said, "I remember. What's wrong with that case?"

"Damn it! Yates was so shameless that he changed the plaintiff into a defendant. The defendant changed the plaintiff and took Ximena to the court, saying that she designed him and blackmailed him for money. Damn it! I've seen shameless people, but I've never seen such a shameless person. It's humiliating! "


"Isn't he going to be the mayor now? How could he do such a shameless thing... Hello! Are you listening? "

What Ann said was also a shock to Winnie. Anyway, she would not let anything happen to Ximena. But why didn't she see any news about this case?

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