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   Chapter 595 You Don't Love Him!

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"Don't do stupid things, Alina!"

It was the first time that Winnie felt scared after she lost her memory. "Even if you kill me, it can't change the fact that Tom is dead. You can't let anyone... Replace him. Alina, you are deceiving yourself. "

Winnie didn't know whether it was useful to say these words to her now, but anyway, she needed to try her best.

She believed that a woman who once had a true love would not be so bad, nor would she do anything harmful.

And the reason why Alina would kidnap her was that Alina was too afraid of losing Tom.

The man she thought he was Tom...

At this time, her hand holding the dagger began to tremble, and the look in Alina's eyes gradually changed from ferocity to sadness. She seemed to be hesitating, but it didn't seem to be. Everything about her was a little unpredictable.

At this time, Winnie didn't know what to do. It seemed that she could only gamble once.

"Alina, listen to me. He is really not your Tom. Maybe you can't let Tom go, but... He is really not. If he is, how could he not admit that he loves you so much? "

All of a sudden, it seemed that Alina was seriously stimulated. She raised her hand with the dagger quickly and stabbed down hard...

The sharp object stopped in both sides of their eyes. Alina said with difficulty, "why do you say that? Why... He is Tom. He is. "

"They are obviously the same people!"

At last, Alina screamed hysterically.

"You don't like him. You don't love him. Why can't he become my Tom? Why?"

Looking at the dagger that was about to pierce her eyes, Winnie said in fear, "no, I love him. I love him. He is my husband, of course I love him."

"No, No." Alina held the dagger in her hands and trembled. "You don't love him. You don't love him. You can't lie to me. You love another man, not him. Since you don't love him, why can't I treat him as Tom? Why? "

"You bad woman..."

It seemed that Winnie had been struck by lightning all of a sudden. She suddenly felt that she was in a trance. Alina in front of her became more and more confused, and then she seemed to see a man faintly.

Yes, a man, who was wearing a white shirt and a plaid vest outside

Winnie wanted to see his face clearly, but it was blurry. She could only see his short hair.

Who is he?

Why did she suddenly see him?

She knew this man was not Jacob, not...

Because he didn't feel like Jacob.

This man——

It seemed very bad.

This feeling seemed to exist in

was also scared out of her wits. The dagger suddenly fell to the ground. She hurriedly hugged the man who was about to fall to the ground.

"I'm sorry, Tom! Why did you rush over? I don't want to hurt you, Tom... Tom... "

Enduring the pain in his abdomen, Jacob gritted his teeth and said, "Alina, it's time to wake up. Don't lie to yourself anymore. I'm not your Tom."

It seemed that a beautiful dream had been shattered, and the magnificent fairy tale had become an unacceptable fact.

"Why? Why? Why is God so cruel to me? "

Winnie was so frightened that she froze there. She saw his abdomen bleeding continuously...

But he smiled and looked at her with bright eyes. "Winnie, come here. Do you really want me to bleed to death?"

"… Jacob, why did you take the stab for me? Are you an idiot? "

"You big fool!"


At this time, Jacob had lost too much blood and fainted, unconscious.

When Jacob woke up again, it was already three days later in the hospital bed of the county hospital.

The hospital was not very well equipped, but considering his identity, he was still arranged an single ward, a hospital bed and a bed partner.

When he woke up, he saw Winnie in a white shirt and light blue jeans peeling an apple on the chair.

He laughed, "did you peel the apple for me?"

Winnie's hand holding the fruit knife paused.

She raised her head slowly with tears in her eyes and pursed her lips, as if complaining why it took him so long to wake up...

But in an instant, she threw the thing in her hand into his arms and said, "do you know how worried I am?"

"I really thought you would be the same as Tom..."

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