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   Chapter 594 A Bad Woman Deserves No Good Return

Madly In Love By Xi Yan Characters: 8970

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Almost at the same time, Jacob also looked up at Winnie. When their eyes met, there was an inexplicable tacit understanding between the two.

After all, it was not a place to talk about business in the wilderness. Later, the four of them went down the mountain together.

However, the situation was different this time when they went down the mountain. When they went up, Jacob took care of and supported Winnie all the way.

Now she had to follow Lily down the mountain, and behind them was Jacob, who was pestered by Alina.

Lily said a little apologetically, "Mrs. Winnie, please forgive her. Alina is a poor child. It took her a lot of time to have Tom to take care of her. This blow is too heavy for her."

"Okay, I know." If it weren't for this, Winnie would have picked up the kitchen knife and killed her!

Oh! Not so cruel, but she wouldn't be as safe as she was now.

Thinking of this, Winnie still felt a little uncomfortable and turned her head to look back.

Alina leaned against the man's chest and held his arm.

They looked like a perfect couple...

Jacob's expression was cold, but he didn't reject it.

The more she looked at it, the angrier she became. Winnie turned her head away.

Winnie kept telling herself to be calm and not to make a fuss with them.

When the four of them arrived at the place where they stood, Mark and Jeremy were already waiting at the door. Seeing them coming, the two of them had an indescribable expression on their faces... Be struck with fright.

Jeremy was even more outrageous. He almost thought that he had seen a ghost in broad daylight, and his legs trembled with fear. It was not until they approached that Jeremy saw clearly that although the woman looked like a ghost, her appearance... In fact, she was more like a female demon cultivating in a deep mountain.

After that, he took a look at her feet again. It was said that ghosts had no feet, but the woman who was slowly approaching him had a pair of feet. Then he was sure that she was not a ghost.

In the yard, several people were sitting around. Alina was still clinging to Jacob, while Winnie was sitting opposite them. She asked herself to turn her head away from them.

Lily took a look at everyone and said, "I'm sorry. I lied to you before, and it was me who poisoned the mayor last time. I wanted to know... Is he as timid as those officials before? "

"What?" "Oh, it's really you, Lily. Your acting skill is really good."

Lily rubbed her hands and smiled awkwardly, "I have no choice. In order to make Mr. Yang less vigilant against me."

Everyone was still confused and didn't know the whole story. Later, Lily told them every

front of her eyes and then fainted.

When she woke up again, her hands and feet had been tied and thrown on a pile of firewood. The room was very empty, and there was an old lamp hanging above her head.

Then she heard a ghostly female voice, "you wake up?"

With astonishment, she looked over and saw Alina standing there with her hair down. Dressed in red, she was like a ghost. Her face was covered by her hair, and the expression on her face could not be seen clearly.

But because she couldn't see it clearly, it looked more horrible and weird.

"What... What the hell are you doing? Why did you kidnap me? Are you a ghost or a human? "

"Does it matter whether I am a human or a ghost?" "I only know that Tom loves me, not you... But why did you take her love? You are a bad woman, and a bad woman has no good return. "

"Alina, listen to me. It's really not Tom. You've mistaken him for someone else. Let go of me quickly. Don't do stupid things. You're breaking the law, understand?"

As she spoke, Winnie tried to break free, but her hands and feet were tied too tightly that she could do nothing.

At this time, Alina was anxious. "Nonsense! He is obviously Tom. I won't mistake him. You bad woman wants to separate us. I'm going to kill you!"


At the same time, a dagger appeared in Alina's hand. She slowly walked towards Winnie, just like a ghost that would only appear at midnight.

"Alina, don't do stupid things. People can't be reborn after death. Why do you have to do that? You are still so young and have a good life. You can still be happy..."

Hearing this, Alina suddenly stopped and lifted up her messy hair with one hand.

Suddenly, a face with an evil smile appeared in front of Winnie.

She gasped and her heart almost stopped!

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