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   Chapter 574 Very Hungry

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This Pajama was really peculiar, revealing and seemed to be very old.

Winnie didn't expect herself to be so dramatic in the past.

But it was better than nothing.

Winnie took a quick shower and made do with Jacob's cleanser because she didn't have her own cleanser.

She had thought that a man like him wouldn't use facial cleanser, and it would only be a simple wash with water...

Thinking of this, she couldn't help but picture the seductive scene that Jaco got up early in the morning, went to the bathroom, took a shower and brushed his teeth.

Last time, he went to bed in a room. He got up early. When she got up, he had already gone to work.

So she didn't see such a wonderful scene.

She swore to herself that she would wake up earlier than him tomorrow morning.

At this time, there was a knock on the door, and Winnie immediately threw the messy picture in her mind. She pulled the bath towel to cover her chest, and then went to open the door.

Jacob stood there, with one hand holding the bag. he raised his eyebrows slightly, "have you finished? Come out and have a talk with me. "

"Okay." Winnie felt that she would be scolded by him.

As soon as she walked out, she followed him closely. When she saw the bed, she immediately jumped up, rolled into the quilt with her hands and feet, pulled the quilt up to her chest, and looked at the man with a pair of beautiful eyes.

"Let's make a deal first. You can scold me, but you can't scold me too much. My heart can't stand it."

After saying that, she pinched her two earlobes again... It seemed that she was just a kid.

Jacob wanted to teach her a lesson, but when he saw her so cute, he couldn't help laughing, but he tried his best to make himself look very serious.

"Before I left today, I told you to stay away from my mother and Becky. Did you hear what I said?"

"Yes!" She giggled, "it's just that the left ear goes in and the right ear goes out."


"Winnie!" Jacob raised his voice, "you are not a child anymore. Don't do something that always makes me worried."

At this time, Winnie also felt wronged. Although he cared about her...

She still felt sad.

Unconsciously, Winnie pulled up the quilt to cover her face. She didn't want to see him. If he wanted to teach her a lesson, just do as he wanted!

Seeing her reaction, Jacob could do nothing but s


Lady Gong looked up at Winnie and said, "you don't know the rules. What are you wearing?"

The clothes that Winnie wore today were randomly picked up from the wardrobe, and the style was indeed very unique, just like a street hooligan, with a few holes in a pair of jeans.

Seeing her, Jacob waved at her with a smile, "come here and have breakfast."

"Okay." Winnie wanted to walk over, but she just took a step forward...

"Who said she could have breakfast with us?" Lady Gong stopped her and said seriously, "just stand there."

At this time, Becky felt that there was something wrong with the atmosphere. When she was about to speak, she saw that the man opposite her had a long face.

So she immediately stopped talking. In this case, she'd better not say anything, lest she get into trouble.

Jacob coughed slightly and took a sip of milk. "Mother, Winnie is my wife. You shouldn't have treated her like this."

"What did I do to her?" Lady Gong sneered, "what? She reported to you in one night. I didn't force her to stand there as a punishment yesterday, but she stood there voluntarily."

"Oh, right! Maggie told me that she didn't stand there for the whole night and left after three hours. She is the woman who doesn't keep her promise. We have all kinds of wives. You have to hang on her?"

Jacob took off the napkin, stood up from his seat without hesitation, took his coat and walked to Winnie. "Winnie, let's go."

"Jacob, how dare you leave? If you leave now, you are not my son. Don't regard me Jessie Su as your mother all your life! "

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