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   Chapter 573 I'm Waiting For You

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Becky turned her head to look at the direction of Winnie, and saw that Winnie clenched her fists, as if she was gritting her teeth to endure, and unconsciously raised the corners of her mouth slightly.

She didn't expect that the arrogant woman would be so embarrassed. She had to admit that she was in a good mood now.

Becky hid her true thoughts and said heartlessly, "aunt, I don't think it's a good idea."

"What's wrong? Just let her stand for one night."

Lady Gong didn't take it seriously at all. "She almost miscarried your child before. This is her commandment. It's enough for her! Becky, let's go, hurry up. "

Then she took Becky's hand and left resolutely.

About five minutes later, when Maggie passed by the restaurant with a bowl of soup, she saw that the person was still standing there. She walked over and said, "Mrs. Winnie, why do you have to do this? Let's go. Lady Gong won't change her mind."

"But why?" "I didn't do anything wrong. Why did Lady Gong treat Becky so well instead of me?"

"Of course. Miss Li is kind-hearted and sincere. Everyone will like her." Maggie narrowed her eyes and smiled.

"I also firmly believe that one day Mr. Jacob will slowly accept Miss Li..."


In the past, Winnie could keep calm no matter what others said, but when she heard this, she was really pissed off.

If Jacob was right in front of her, she would definitely give him a hard bite.

She wanted to vent her anger.

"I will teach him a lesson and make him suffer so much when he comes back tonight."

Winnie murmured.

Maggie didn't hear what she said clearly. "Mrs. Winnie, what were you talking about just now?"

"No, I didn't say anything."

Maggie was confused. She thought that she heard Winnie talking just now...

However, it didn't matter. Whatever she said, Winnie would only be a loser in the future.

She didn't want her to waste more time on Winnie.

Winnie stood there for a long time.

Not only hadn't Winnie had dinner, but she only had a little at lunch time. After st

m, "let me deal with it by myself. You know that the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is a world level problem. Don't get involved in it and make it more complicated."

"Okay, but now you have to go upstairs with me." Jacob put forward a condition that he couldn't let his wife really stand here for a night.

"No way. If I go upstairs with you now, I will break my promise."

"Well, since you don't want to, I'll tell her directly." Jacob was about to go upstairs, but his hand was grabbed by someone behind him before he took two steps.

Pursing her lips, Winnie reluctantly compromised, "well, I'll go upstairs with you. But tomorrow I'll get up early and pretend to be standing here all night. I don't know if I can muddle through in this way?"


But she didn't think it was a good idea.

Without giving her time to think, Jacob took her hand and went upstairs. The two of them came to the door of the master bedroom. He quickly opened the door and took her in, and then slammed the door.

He threw his briefcase on the bed casually and ordered her, "go to take a shower."

It took her a long time to react, but he was still wearing a gloomy face. Winnie obediently went to the wardrobe, opened the door, picked up a pajama from it, and then slipped into the bathroom.

When she entered the bathroom, she found...

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