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   Chapter 571 I Found That You Have Been...

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Someone picked up the ashtray on the tea table and threw it at someone!

The sound of the ashtray falling on the ground was not clear, but it was frightening!

Ann was dumbfounded. What did that old woman do just now? She threw Winnie with an ashtray?

She looked elegant and dignified, but Ann didn't expect her character to be so violent.

Becky also exclaimed. She didn't expect that Jacob's mom would suddenly make a move.

"You are not qualified to call me mom. You'd better never mention this word in front of me." The lady pulled a long face.

At this time, Winnie felt a little dizzy, because the ashtray just fell on her forehead. Although the strength was not very strong, the pain was inevitable.

It was really surprising that she fought with her mother-in-law for the first time.

She didn't want to make it difficult for Jacob because of the conflict between her and his mother, so she endured it for the time being.

They might be forcibly charged with disrespecting the elders if they said the same words to each other.

However, as long as she thought of the baby in the belly of the woman called Becky...

She felt so heartbroken...

"Becky, let's go." The lady suddenly stood up from the sofa and pulled Becky up as well. "Someone is annoying when we looks at her. Let's ignore her. By the way, the yoga exercise you introduced to me last time is really good. It has been effective in just a few days. "


Looking at the women who looked like a mother and a daughter walking away, Winnie suddenly felt sad. Was she really so annoying?

"Oh my God! Your forehead is bleeding now. " Ann hurriedly took out a tissue from her bag and said, "is that old woman crazy? You are her daughter-in-law. She not only doesn't care about you, but also beat you. Becky is really not easy to deal with. How could she be so happy? "

"Fortunately, it's just a little scrape. Won't you be disfigured if she forces you a little more?"

As if falling into chaos, Winnie didn't say anything for a long time. She stared at the carpet in a daze, letting Ann fiddle with her forehead.

Suddenly, she made up her mind, "Ann, I want to move back here."

"What?" Ann asked in disbelief, "are you crazy? That old woman is so mean to you. If you live here, won't you be mistreated by her every day? "

"No, absolutely not."

"Listen to me. If I really decide to be with Jacob, his mother will be my mother. Maybe she has heard some rumors about me, or maybe she doesn't know me well, so she needs to get along with me more. "

"Sister, do you forget that Becky is pregnant?" Ann didn't know how to deal with this kind of family affairs, but if she put herself in a position, she would definitely turn against her and leave immediately.

"Of course I remember, but I want to hear his explanation. Didn't you tell me before that I wasn't sure the child was his? "

"Yes, but..."

"All right!" "Go to the apartment with me to get my clothes, okay! Forget it. My clothes should be in this mansion. Don't bother to come and go. "

Ann pouted, "have you really made up your mind?"

"Well, it's decided!" "I don't believe that I can't get rid of this troublesome mother-in-law. Becky is okay, so am I. "

Hearing this, Ann frowned at once, "sister, please don't degrade yourself, okay? You are the daughter of the Gu Clan, and you are definitely not a lazy rich two generation. You are so excellent that many


He rushed in, grabbed her wrist and took her out of the kitchen without saying anything.

It never occurred to Winnie that Jacob would come back at this time and catch her right in front of him. What's more, he looked so angry.

Why was he angry?

Wasn't she supposed to be angry?

"Didn't I tell you not to go anywhere?" Although Jacob was angry, he reached out to touch her injured forehead and asked, "does it hurt?"

At first, Winnie was going to be pissed off, but when she saw his action, she was less angry. She even threw herself into his arms, grabbed his collar and said with grievance.

"Ouch! It hurts. You bastard! You not only made other women pregnant, but also let her live in the Gong Clan's mansion. And your mother, how could she be so bad tempered? I think my temper is not good enough. I didn't expect her to be more outrageous than me. "

Touching her slender back, Jacob asked, "did you quarrel with her?"

"Not really." "For the sake of your mother, I won't make a fuss with her. Besides, I've decided to get along well with her so that you won't be embarrassed. Am I a good girl?"

Hearing this, Jacob's heart trembled. He raised her chin gently and said, "don't you want to ask me about Becky? Or... You don't care as much as before? "

"Of course I do." "But I'm not that stupid. You're not that stupid. It's impossible for you to do such a thing in your current position. Besides, if you really do such a thing, you are basically a scumbag. Does it mean that I am too blind to fall in love with a scumbag? "

"So I have made a conclusion over and over again. I feel that there must be something hidden in it..."

After saying that, her eyes lit up, waiting for the man to praise her for being smart.

Unfortunately, the man did not give any response after waiting for a long time. He just looked at her with a pair of deep eyes, as if to see the depths of her eyes.

"Jacob, aren't you happy to have such a smart and sensible wife? Even if you are not happy, you should praise me at this time, shouldn't you? "

This man really didn't understand amorous feelings at all. He just stared at her dully at such a good opportunity just now.


He suddenly called her.


"I found that you have been... Seduce me. "

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