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   Chapter 570 It Was This Woman Called Becky Who Should Leave

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At the same time, Becky also looked at the woman who had disappeared for a period of time and suddenly appeared in the Gong Clan's mansion.

Then she walked over obediently and greeted, "Mrs. Winnie, you're back."

The woman in front of Winnie was quite strange to her, so Winnie looked her up and down and had to admit that she was really a quiet and beautiful woman.

Unlike the sharp edges on her face, the woman in front of her was the real Oriental beauty, with an oval face, a cherry mouth, and a pair of soft eyes.

"Are you the woman called Becky Li?" "Becky Li who is pregnant with Jacob's child?"

Hearing this, Maggie was a little stunned. Hadn't Mrs. Winnie met Miss Li before?

It sounded like they had met for the first time.

A smile flashed across Becky's eyes. She slowly raised her head and said, "yes, madam. I'm Becky."

Not long ago, Yates called and said that the current Winnie was a little different.

He asked her to observe carefully and report to him as soon as the result came out.

At that time, Becky wanted to ask him what he meant, but he had already hung up the phone. Now it seemed that he was referring to this!

Winnie, did not remember her.

"Then get out of here and leave the Gong Clan's mansion right now." Suddenly, Winnie raised her voice.

She didn't know what she thought before she lost her memory. Now she really didn't want to see this woman at all.

"Mrs. Winnie, what do you mean? It's Master Gong's idea that I live here, and sir didn't ask me to leave. "

"Can't I let you go?"

'Does Jacob really have feelings for this woman? 'Winnie wondered?

Why did he ask Winnie to live in an apartment near the suburb?

Frowning, Maggie stepped forward and stood in front of Becky to protect her. "Mrs. Winnie, please don't do this to miss li. She is pregnant now, so she can't bear your shouting."

"If anything happens to the baby, I can't explain to Master Gong."

Hearing this, Winnie finally realized that she was using the baby in her belly to suppress her, and also using Master Gong to suppress her.


Winnie pushed away the foreign woman in front of her, and directly took Becky's hand. "Let's go. Leave here. I don't want to see you now, at least not now!"

Winnie, who was always calm on the way here, suddenly took action to pull Becky away.

For a moment, Ann didn't know whom to help.

The woman called Becky looked so weak that she might be able to lie in bed for several days even if she was slapped.

"Calm down, sister!" "After all, she

ll correct myself and try my best to be a good daughter-in-law in the future." Winnie said sincerely.

Hearing this, the lady frowned deeper. "Aren't you going to divorce Jacob now?"

"Yes, I won't divorce him." "I like him. I don't want to break up with him, so we won't divorce."

Becky clenched her fists and wondered what was going on?

Didn't the press conference make it clear that they would divorce...

Was it because Winnie lost her memory and now...

The lady was very angry. "You can't be the daughter-in-law of our family as you like. Let me tell you, whether you want it or not, you and Jacob can't continue to be a couple. "

"You should blame yourself for not having a baby in a year."

Hearing this, Ann was furious. Where the hell was this old lady from? In such an era, a mother should be valued by her son?


Suddenly, Winnie didn't know how to refute.

She couldn't even confirm whether she had really been with Jacob in the past year?

Thinking of last night, her heart sank.

"Nothing else? Get out of here if you don't have anything to say. " The lady suddenly said with extreme displeasure.

Becky comforted her timely, "Auntie, don't be angry. It will do harm to your health. It doesn't matter. Anyway, Mrs. Winnie has done this to me not once or two times... "

"What?" The lady's eyes became sharp. "It seems that the rumor is true. Winnie Gu is not only shameless, but also arrogant, willful and obstinate."

Winnie didn't remember how she treated Becky in the past. Winnie didn't think she had done anything wrong. It was Becky who broke her family first.

"Mom, I won't leave. It's this woman called Becky who should leave!"


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