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   Chapter 569 The Real Hostess Of The Gong Clan's Mansion

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These words hit Winnie's heart hard. She suddenly remembered the night last night.

She held Jacob in her arms and slept the whole night. He didn't move at all.

Looking at the white and beautiful woman in front of him and seeing her frown slightly, Yates knew that what he said had a certain impact on her. It seemed that Becky's clue was very useful.

"Mr. Shen, what do you mean by that?" Winnie's heart skipped a beat.

Yates narrowed his eyes, "if you are interested in knowing some secrets of your husband, the mayor, would you like to have dinner with me? Oh, it's still early for dinner. How about afternoon tea? "

"His secret?"

She didn't deny that she wanted to know.

"Yes." Yates's expression was like a very subtle light, "don't you want to know? Or is it because you are going to divorce soon that you don't care anymore? "

But at this time, Winnie blurted out, "no, I won't divorce him."

At the same time, Yates seemed to be able to confirm his thoughts.

"Okay, I'll have an afternoon tea with you." Winnie said firmly, "but it's just afternoon tea."

Hearing this, Ann was anxious, "sister, you..."

"It doesn't matter." "I believe Mr. Shen is a man who keeps his promise. How about this? Does Mr. Shen mind having more people? Just take her as a bystander... "

Yates smiled again and turned to look at Ann, "I don't mind as long as there are beauties."

"Well, that's good."

Then Winnie looked at Ann and said in a low voice, "are you relieved now? Let's go and see what secrets he will tell about Jacob. "

In a trance, Ann suddenly felt that the woman in front of her seemed to be the previous one.

But she was different from the previous one.

Where is the difference?

Maybe it was because in the past, Winnie didn't care about Jacob at all.

But now, it seemed that she had a crush on Jacob ...

Ann sighed that the fate between people was so wonderful that it happened in the blink of an eye.

Finally, the place for afternoon tea was chosen in The Monarch Hotel. Yates was a regular guest here. As soon as he entered the room, someone came in and wanted to serve him, but he finally ordered him to go out.

Ann didn't know what Yates was up to, but judging from his expression, it was definitely not a good thing.

Yates was so considerate that he treated the two of them as distinguished guests. After making tea and drinking tea, Winnie asked first, "Mr. Shen, can you tell me now?"

"Ms. Gu, don't worry!" Yates smiled and said, "can't you see that I really want to make friends with you? In

Jacob loves her, there is also a third party who intervenes in my marriage with him... "

Winnie was so active last night, but he didn't respond at all. Maybe it had something to do with this woman.

Winnie wanted to see her, and she had to.

Ann swallowed subconsciously, "sister, are you sure?"


"Let's go. It's late now. You should give her a slap in the face when we came to the showdown."

Speaking of fighting, Ann was in a state of excitement. She twisted her shoulders. Recently, she had been going to the gym to exercise, and it seemed that it could be useful.

Then, the two of them drove to the Gong Clan's mansion. It only took them half an hour to get there.

After arriving at the destination, Winnie still had no impression of the surrounding environment. Thinking that she would not lose the competition, she deliberately walked into the door with her head held high.

Winnie met a middle-aged foreign woman in an orthodox maid's dress coming over as soon as she entered.

The woman called her in a strange tone as soon as she saw her, "madam."

"Who are you?" "Forget it. Whoever you are, I'll ask you where the pregnant woman is. Ask her to come out as soon as possible!"

Looking at the woman in front of her, Maggie felt a little strange, because Winnie didn't wear makeup today.

"Madam, Miss Li is here..."

Maggie pointed to a table by the window in the room. There was a woman sitting quietly there in a white cashmere dress. She had long black hair and a beautiful face without any makeup, which made her quiet face more tranquil.

From Winnie's point of view, it seemed that the woman in front of her was the real hostess of the Gong Clan's mansion.

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