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   Chapter 568 Don't Cherish

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Ann swallowed hard, completely stunned and unable to speak for a long time.

Seeing that she didn't say anything, Winnie shook her hand in front of Ann's eyes for two times and asked, "what's wrong? You also lost your memory like me?"

All of a sudden, her hand was caught. It was Ann who looked at her with pleading eyes.

"Sister, don't be kidding. It's a big joke for me that you asked me to defend Yates in court. I'm sorry. I can't accept it. "

"Why?" "You are a lawyer and you are experienced. I can't do anything now, so I have to rely on you!"

Ann looked down at the check in her hand and said, "then let's send the check back and tell them that we won't take this case."

"… Okay. " After thinking for a while, Winnie said, "then send it back."

Ann rolled her eyes secretly, "sister, do you know that Yates is a competitor of your husband?"

"I didn't know before, but now I know."

Winnie had heard it from the conversation between her and the man called Ken.

"That's good." Ann touched her short hair and said, "it feels a little complicated. I'm not sure if there's any plot in it, so the best way to deal with it is to clear it!"

After saying that, Ann said with a little embarrassment, "although I was quite interested in the five million, it's better to return it now."

As if Winnie didn't understand what she meant, Winnie nodded and said, "okay."

In fact, Ken didn't come to the law office alone this time. Yates himself was in a Rolls-Royce not far from the law office.

"Mr. Shen, Ms. Gu agrees." After Ken got in the car, he nodded at Yates and said.

"Oh?" Yates' eyes flashed with doubt, "I didn't expect her to answer it so soon. That woman is smart. Did she say anything else, such as conditions?"

Speaking of this, Ken remembered that the woman he met in the law office today seemed to be strange. It should be said that she was a little different from the famous lawyer, and there was also a difference in her appearance.

He didn't care at that time. He just thought that whether a woman wore makeup or not depended on her preferences.

"She didn't say anything, but..."

Ken wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. He didn't know where the strange thing came from.

Yates frowned, "but what?"

"But I think Winnie I saw today is a little strange." Ken recalled what he had talked to her today.

Yates was intrigued, "what? Tell me. "

"Mr. Shen, although I've met Winnie once, she should be a capable woman with bold behavior." Ken said se

er hand back, he had already let go of her hand and smiled at her. "Kissing is the most respectful etiquette for girls you like."


Ann knew that her sister couldn't deal with such a man at all. She held Winnie in her arms and said with a smile, "since Mr. Shen, you are here in person, please take this check back. We won't take the case."

"Really?" Yates was a little surprised, "why? Is it because I'm a competitor of Mr. Jacob?"

"Well, not really." For a while, Ann couldn't find any other reason to prevaricate, so she made up an excuse, "some time ago, our Ms. Gu had a car accident, and her injury hasn't fully recovered yet, so she won't take any case for the time being."

After saying that, she gave herself a thumbs up secretly. How clever she was.

At this time, Yates looked at Winnie again with a worried expression, "I see. Ms. Gu really needs a good rest. After all, there are many cases that need an elite like her to deal with!"

Since Yates entered the office, Winnie felt uncomfortable all over. The way this man looked at her was so strange.

There seemed to be endless inquiry!

Hearing this, Ann quickly handed the check to him, "then please put the check away, Mr. Shen."

Yates glanced at the check of 5 million and then reached out to brush it away. "Well, five million is just a gift for Ms. Gu. It's really nothing to me."

"I won't get paid for nothing." "Mr. Shen, please take it back."

Yates stepped forward with a smile, deliberately closing the distance between the two, "ha ha, Ms. Gu is not only beautiful, but also has a pleasant voice. The mayor is really lucky..."

"Unfortunately, he doesn't know how to cherish it!"

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