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   Chapter 567 Opponent's Case

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"I'm in love!"

"Is it really that obvious?"

"It's not just obvious!" Ann exaggerated deliberately, "it's so obvious, okay?"

"Really?" Without any disguise or embarrassment, Winnie admitted it boldly.

"Well, I'm in love now, and I enjoy it very much. The mayor is a good man. If I can be with him all the time, I should feel very happy. "

Ann rubbed her forehead and said, "but have you..."

"I'm sorry!" At this time, a young girl in charge of administration appeared at the door of the office. She smiled awkwardly and said, "Ms. Gu, Ms. Su, a gentleman named Zhao is looking for you outside."

At this time, Ann seemed to have smelled the smell of money. She winked at Winnie, "sister, business is coming."


Ann said to the executive, "let him in. Don't go to the reception room. Let's talk in this office."

"Okay, Ms. Su."

Not long after, a tall figure appeared at the door. The man in black suit walked into the office unhurriedly, which just showed his style.

Ann greeted him first and nodded, "nice to meet you, Mr. Zhao."

"Hello, I'm Ken Zhao." The man reached out his hand and shook it. "I came here for no reason today. I heard that Ms. Gu is the best fighter in the city."

After saying that, Ken moved his eyes from Ann to Winnie, who was standing quietly aside.

He walked up to her and reached out his hand politely, "Ms. Gu, you are still so charming."

"Hello." Embarrassed, Winnie reached out her hand and asked, "have you seen me before?"

"Of course, I have the honor to meet Ms. Gu once. It has left a deep impression on me. " Ken said seriously, "Ms. Gu, I hope you can take over the case of Mr. Shen."

Winnie had lost her memory and had no idea how to deal with the case. She looked at Ann, trying to get a solution from her eyes.

Ann winked at her, indicating that they should sit down and have a talk.

"Oh, I see." "Mr. Zhao, please sit down first. We need to have a general understanding of the situation first. I hope you don't mind." With a guilty conscience, Winnie twisted her hands and said.

Ken nodded, "no, that's what I should do. Ms. Gu, please."

"Please, please."

Said Winnie politely.

After the three of them sat down to have a talk, the executive brought tea and pastry.

Winnie had completely forgotten how to deal with her clients, so the task of contr

o look at Winnie. Seeing that Winnie was in a daze, she seemed to be lost in thought. Anyway, Winnie was not online.

Forget it. The law office was basically in a mess.

And this situation might continue for a long time...


At the same time, Winnie slowly reached out and took the check from Ken. She looked down at the number on the check and said with a smile, "Okay, we take over the case. Please go back and tell Mr. Shen that I will try my best. "

"Okay." Ken nodded and said, "I'll send the evidence we have to your law office later."

Now Ann was completely confused. What was going on?

Winnie couldn't figure out the designer of this model a moment ago, but now she took it over at once. Did she think it was as easy as playing house in the court?

Or did she have a certain impression of how to go to court?

After Ken left, Ann asked excitedly, "sister, are you sure you want to fight this case?"

"Of course." "Didn't Mr. Zhao say that Mr. Shen was wronged? Since he was wronged, of course I should help him! "

"Am I wrong?"


Ann was speechless.

She scratched her hair helplessly and walked to her side. "Sister, do you know who that Yates is? He... Alas! Forget it. Since you have accepted it, just accept it. We just need to do our best to live up to our conscience. As for whether we are guilty or not, it's a matter of the court. "

"Sister, what are you going to do?"

Putting the check into Ann's hand, Winnie said innocently, "it's not me. I don't know how to do it. Of course it's you who do it."


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