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   Chapter 566 Being Immersed In Love

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He turned over to avoid her invisible temptation, but his voice was hoarse. "Winnie, go to bed early."

"No, I don't want to sleep."

She was almost pissed off. How could he on the ground but she sleeps on the bed?

If so, what kind of couple could they be?

There were some things that could not be changed even if one lost her memory, such as stubbornness.

She went straight into his quilt and hugged his waist from behind without saying a word. Her face rubbed against his back, lazier than a cat.

"If you sleep on the ground, then I sleep on the ground too."

Feeling her soft body and smelling the light fragrance of her body, Jacob felt a little impulsive out of instinct.

However, if he couldn't restrain this impulse, there were too many temptations around him.

"Okay, let's sleep together." Jacob said with a smile at the corners of his mouth, "it's warmer for two people to sleep together."

Unable to bear it, Winnie pounded on his back and said, "Jacob, how could you be like this? I have taken the initiative. What else do you want me to do... Is there anything wrong with you? "

Jacob was speechless...

He didn't say anything after that. He just closed his eyes to calm himself down and didn't feel the trouble she brought to him.

He had thought that her attraction would not make him irritable and depressed. Obviously, he had underestimated her ability.

Or perhaps it was because he had overestimated his own willpower that he resisted the urge to press her under his body and ravage her after reciting the Diamond Sutra in his heart for a long time...

That night, Winnie had a sound sleep.

However, Jacob only slept for two or three hours, and the rest of the time was spent with the Buddhist texts.

In the morning, before she woke up, Jacob made two sandwiches, heated some milk and left a note. After breakfast, he went to the city hall early.

When she got up, it was almost noon. Winnie ate up what he had cooked as lunch, and then quickly rushed to the law office.

She had no impression of this law office at all.

If she hadn't received a call from Ann yesterday noon, she wouldn't have known that she was really that powerful.

She owned one of the best law firms in the city.

She felt that she was too capable and was too smart in the past.

Now she really felt a little ashamed.

Winnie took the elevator upstairs. As soon as she arrived at the office floor, she felt the gaze on her.

These gazes seemed a little complicated. With her current intelligence, she

re joking. Who knows whether you were joking or not? You used to be so unpredictable."

At this time, Ann didn't know that in fact, the words "heart is dead, and there is no cure" had pierced into the heart of Winnie.

Winnie suddenly felt a pain in her heart, which slowly turned into bitterness. She wanted to cry loudly.

But she couldn't cry at all.

At this wonderful moment, Ann shook her hand two times in front of her and asked, "sister, what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing, nothing." "It's just what you said that makes me feel strange."

"Okay." Ann smiled and said, "tell me, what's going on between you and the mayor? Do you two get along well with each other after you lose your memory?"

As soon as she mentioned this, Winnie became a deflated ball. She slammed herself into the sofa and sighed.

"No, I haven't made any progress, but it should be much better than before!"

"Well, what do you think now?" Ann asked in confusion, "you didn't like him before you lost your memory. Do you like him now?"

With a sweet smile, Winnie said, "I think so. He is really a man of taste, and he is very considerate about many things. The only drawback is that... He looks a little old-fashioned. Let me tell you secretly. His pajamas are probably older than my father's. "

"Sister, do you know what's on your face now?"

Ann said lazily.

"What?" Touching her face, Winnie said, "I looked in the mirror before I went out today. My face is very clean."

Ann was really going to be tortured to death by such a worrying IQ. She emphasized again, "I mean you are in love now There are indeed no words on your face, but judging from your expression, I can know that... "

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