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   Chapter 564 Relatives

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Yates clenched his teeth and suppressed the posture of fighting with the other party. He slightly glanced at the woman in Mark's arms and smiled evilly, "dirty? You are the one who is really dirty. "

Mark was burning with hatred. Hearing this, he almost picked up the fruit knife on the tea table and rushed to stab Yates to death, but his reason told him not to do so.

A scum like Yates must be punished by the law.

He believed that Jacob must have the same thought as him.

At this time, Jacob was as angry and painful as Mark, but the more painful he was, the calmer he would be, and even more emotionless.

A moment later, he walked up to Mark and reached out his hand to touch Ximena's face. "Mark, let's take her out of here."

"Okay." Mark lowered his head and felt a sharp pain in his eyes. "Ximena, I'll take you away from here. I'll avenge you!"

In everyone's eyes, a handsome and elegant man walked in front of them, and his expression was extremely cold.

They all knew who he was. He was the mayor of Jin City.

He was a man who should never be offended unless they had no choice.

And their Mr. Shen not only provoked, but also completely provoked. It seemed that this war without smoke began.

After the servant left, Austin immediately walked into the box and saw his Boss was already wounded, smoking and drinking on the sofa.

He frowned and walked over, "Mr. Shen, are you okay? Do you need me to take you to the hospital?"

"Well, what can I do?" Yates took a drag on his cigarette and said, "please hire a first-class makeup artist for me. The press conference will be held as scheduled tomorrow."

"Okay, I see," said Austin, lowering his head

"But Mr. Shen, aren't you worried that Jacob will let you go?" "If that woman sue you, we..."

"Whatever!" Yates flicked off the cigarette butt in his hand and said, "will I be humiliated then, or she will be humiliated, or... Jacob? "

"What do you think will happen to Jacob if this matter continues to escalate?"

"Mr. Shen means you don't care about anything, but Jacob is different. He cares too much about people and things."

At this moment, Yates said with absolute certainty, "so, he can't win me, nor can he win me."

Walking out of the hotel, Jacob drove the car himself, while Mark sat in the back seat with the unconscious Ximena in his arms.

Looking from the rearview mirror, Jacob saw that Mark was holding her tightly, as if she would lose her life if he let her go at this moment.

Half an hour later, the three arrived at

her heart...

No girl could be completely strong after this kind of thing happened.


"Ximena, you have to know that once you decide to do so, your future life... Will be different. "

Mark felt depressed and said in a hoarse voice, "I know it's the right choice to sue Yates, but it's not easy."

"I know." "But as long as I sue him, Mr. Jacob will be fine. Mark, I don't think it's a bad idea to sacrifice me to avenge many people. "

Suddenly, an idea flashed through Mark's mind. He had doubted it for a long time and dared not ask it before, because he was too afraid to expose it...

But now it was different.

He was eager to make sure.

"Ximena, tell me the truth. Do you like Mr. Jacob?"

If she didn't like him, why was she still thinking about him at this time?

After a pause, Ximena slowly turned her body sideways, trying not to show her fragility in front of others.

"In fact, I knew Mr. Jacob earlier than you did. When I was a child, my rented house was forced to be demolished. My parents took the lead in arguing with the developer and an accident happened. The two of them were crushed to death by a truck."

"Later... Mr. Jacob funded my study, and I also worked very hard. With the best performance, I was admitted to the city hall and could work for him. "

"So Mr. Jacob is not only my admirer, but also my only family."

Mark didn't expect that there would be such a story. He clenched his hands and asked, "does Mr. Jacob know your identity?"

"I... I don't know." "Maybe he knows, or maybe he doesn't. It doesn't matter to me. What matters is that I can help him. "

"Mark, Mr. Jacob is really the kindest person I've ever seen..."

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