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   Chapter 562 I Just Want To Cook For You

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After leaving the apartment, Jacob didn't leave immediately. Instead, he sat in his car, took a cigarette and drove to the city hall.

As soon as he arrived at the city hall and entered the office, the two people, Mark and Ximena, came in one after another.

The two looked at each other, and then looked at Jacob, who was already sitting upright in front of the desk. The two of them slowly became serious.

Mark took the lead and took a step forward. He bowed to Jacob and said, "Sir, Yates won't hold a press conference for no reason."

"He always has a reason to do things, of course not for no reason." Jacob asked indifferently, "when will it be held tomorrow?"

"It said that it will start at half past one in the afternoon and last two hours."

Ximena didn't like Mark's way of dawdling. She couldn't help but walk forward and speak out her thoughts directly.

"Sir, I think we must stop Yates's press conference tomorrow. According to our understanding of him, since he said so, he must have some information that is disadvantageous to you. "

"The current situation has finally eased. At this time, no more accidents can happen, or everything will fall short of success."

"If the scumbag Yates is really chosen, it will be more horrible than going to hell of eighteen stories. Sir, we must stop him! "

Mark looked sideways at Ximena and found that there was imperceptible hatred in her calm face. Such an expression would appear every time when mentioning Yates...

"Ximena, sir has his own plan. Don't be so excited." Mark said calmly.

Knowing that what she said just now seemed to overstep her identity, Ximena lowered her eyes slightly, clenched her hands and nodded. "I'm sorry, sir. I was too excited just now."

"It doesn't matter." Jacob nodded with a smile. "About the press conference tomorrow, you two go to the scene. I think... He must be looking forward to seeing me there. "

In this way, it will be more interesting to slap my face.

Mark immediately took the order, "yes, sir."

After that, Jacob looked at Ximena, whose face had not fully recovered, and said, "Ximena, you go out first. I have something to talk with Mark alone."

Ximena raised her eyes and nodded, "yes, sir."

After Ximena left, Jacob stood up gracefully from the main chair and walked to the window. After a while, he said, "Mark, from now on to the press conference of Yates tomorrow, you must keep an eye on Ximena."

"Sir?" Mark looked a little surprised. "Although Ximena is impulsive sometimes, she won't lose her sense of propriety. If she knows it, she will beat me to death! "

Raising his eyebrows slightly,


He was afraid that she would suffocate if he continued to stay inside.

A strange force pulled Winnie out. When she came to her senses, she had been pulled to the living room.

She looked over and saw the man's gloomy and handsome face. She smiled awkwardly and took off the veil covering her face, with a turner in her hand. "You're back. It's so early. I haven't prepared dinner yet!"

Jacob looked her up and down, and finally fixed his eyes on her face stained with flour. He asked seriously, "are you cooking dinner or burning the house?"

It didn't matter if the house was burned. What he was afraid of was that she would hurt herself.

After saying that, he didn't give her a chance to explain. He stretched out his hand and let her walk around in front of him. Then he looked around her body and finally felt relieved after making sure that there was nothing wrong with her. "Don't enter the kitchen again."

"… Why are you so angry? "

Winnie had thought that when he came back, he saw her cook dinner for him and he would be moved to a pulp. She didn't expect his tone to be so harsh.

"I... I just want to cook a decent dinner for you. Do you think I like cooking? I've become so stupid that I can't even understand the menu... "


At this moment, Jacob couldn't express his feelings. Seeing her like this, his eyes suddenly became very soft. He pulled her into his arms with one hand, letting her face covered with flour rub against his clothes.

She resisted and said, "my face is dirty, full of flour."

But he insisted on holding her even tighter. He had no intention of letting her go. "Winnie, we have always been like this, always. It's good."

At this time, Winnie pushed him away, her face full of unwillingness.

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