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   Chapter 561 Winnie, Do You Care About Me

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She stood up and ran to the door to open it.

She saw the man's anxious handsome face as soon as she opened the door. The first reaction when he saw her was to grab her hand, and then flash into the room, asking, "are you okay?"

"I am fine?"

Confused by his question, Winnie looked into his eyes and asked, "you look anxious. What happened?"

Jacob didn't answer immediately. He just looked at the empty living room. When he saw that there was really no one in it, he breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh, nothing. Have you had lunch yet? "

"I'm eating." She pointed at the table and complained, "I was disturbed for two times during lunch. I'm going to continue eating now."

Watching her turn around and leave, Winnie's slim figure suddenly overlapped in his memory. He couldn't help but walk over and hold her in his arms from behind. Smelling the faint fragrance from her hair, he said, "let me eat with you, okay?"

Winnie was shocked by his sudden intimacy. She did not answer immediately, but looked down at the big hands on her waist. "I... I just made some rice casually. Have you eaten yet? "

"No." He rushed here as soon as he got the news, leaving nothing else behind.

"Then, what do you want to eat? I'll go to the kitchen and cook for you. " After saying that, Winnie tried to get rid of his hand, but failed. Instead, she was held more tightly by the man behind her. She frowned and said, "or are you not hungry?"

"I'm hungry."

The voice came from behind her with inexplicable charm.

"Then let go of me!" She muttered, "how can I get you something to eat if you don't let me go?"


He called her from behind.

Hearing his low but gentle voice, she suddenly felt warm in her heart. "What... What's wrong with you?"

Jacob's eyes were completely fixed on the tea table in the living room at this time. He asked, "someone came just now?"

"Yes." She nodded, "A man and a woman came here just now. The woman looked like the master, and the man should be an attendant. They knew me, but I didn't remember them at all... I was about to ask you. "

"And their words are also strange."

Slowly, Jacob let go of her hand and led her to the table with one hand. "What did they say to you?"

"In fact, they didn't say anything." Winnie took the chopsticks aside and said, "she tell me that since I don't know her, she can't drink the tea I made."

Frowning, Jacob asked, "so she didn't drink?"

"No, I didn't. They just sat down and left." She took a bite of the food on the plate and turned to him. "To be

her entire reason. She felt that she couldn't control herself.

She clumsily began to respond slowly, with her hands encircling the man's neck...

No one knew how long the two of them had been "eating" each other. When the situation became more and more intense, Jacob's mobile phone rang inappropriately to break the atmosphere.

In an instant, Winnie came back to her senses and pushed the man beside her away. "Your... Your phone is ringing."

With an obvious unsatisfied look on his handsome face, Jacob was reluctant to let go of her, but still held her tightly. Then he took out his phone with the other hand and asked, "Mark, what's up?"

"I'm sorry to bother you now, sir." Mark said, "here is the thing. The official spokesperson of Yates said that they would hold a press conference tomorrow afternoon... Some good gossips are going to be revealed. "

"Sir, I'm a little worried now..."

Jacob frowned and said, "Okay, I see. I'll be back in about thirty minutes."

"Yes, sir."

After hanging up the phone, Jacob had to let go of the girl in his arms reluctantly. He touched her tender lips and said, "now I have to go back. Be obedient here. If you feel bored, you can watch TV, okay? "

"Okay." "Will you come here for dinner?"

"I'll try."

Winnie knew what he meant. So she said yes and stood up from his legs.

"Then you should go now. Business is the most important."

Looking at her, Jacob reached out and held her in his arms. "Although business is important, there are some private affairs that can't be delayed."

He kissed her cheek and turned away after saying that.

After watching him leave, she fell into boredom again until that person called her——

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