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   Chapter 560 A Strange Lady

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Thinking of the family of three, an idea suddenly came to her mind.

If they had a child, they would be a family of three.

At the thought of this, Winnie's face turned red.

Standing next to her, Ximena tittered, covering her mouth with her hand. Sure enough, the lady now was very different from before. If it was in the past, Mrs. Winnie would only make others blush from time to time. How could she be so shy now.

"Mrs. Winnie, how is the environment here? If you are not satisfied with it, Mr. Jacob will change another one for you."

Winnie looked around and said with a smile, "no, I think it's good here. The scenery is good and quiet. Let's just stay here. It's too troublesome to change."

"As long as you like it." Ximena smiled and said, "madam, let me help you take your luggage to the master bedroom, okay?"

At this time, Winnie was staring at the human shaped statue in the living room in a daze, so she didn't hear clearly what Ximena had said. She just replied lightly, "yes.".

When Ximena put her luggage back to the living room, she saw that Winnie was still standing beside the statue, seeming to be observing something.

Confused, Ximena walked over and asked, "Mrs. Winnie, is there anything wrong?"

Touching her chin, Winnie frowned and asked, "Miss Lin, don't you think... Is this statue very ugly? "

"Uh, is it ugly?" Raising her eyes to look at the statue as tall as a person in the living room, Ximena's eyes darkened. "I don't think it's ugly. I just feel that it's a little creepy in the living room."

"It makes me feel cold..."

She felt weird when she looked at anything recently. She felt gloomy and frightening everywhere.

Maybe it was because the nightmare in her childhood had begun to spread in her heart again.

"No, I don't think so. I just feel a little ugly." Winnie said. "Is this statue placed here by Jacob? "

"This is Mr. Jacob's house. I think it should be his." Ximena replied.

"Oh, his taste is really strange to ordinary people!" Then Winnie thought of another thing, "Miss Lin, he arranged me here. What about him? Will he live here or in the Gong Clan's mansion?"


For a moment, Ximena didn't know how to answer this question. Mark told her that there seemed to be a woman named Li living in the Gong Clan's mansion.

It was said that the woman had the support of Master Gong.

It could be imagined how hard the background was...

"Well, what's wrong? Why don't you answer me?"

Although Winnie had lost her memory, it didn't mean that s

tea, she clearly saw the unhappy expression on the lady's face.

Somehow, she had an indescribable fear when she saw this lady.

After putting two cups of tea in front of the sofa, Winnie pushed one of them to the lady and said politely with a smile, "please have some tea."

The lady glanced at the cup of tea, but didn't reach out for it. She turned to look at Winnie, "are you the elder lady of the Gu Clan?"

"… yes. " As soon as she met the sharp eyes, Winnie shrank subconsciously. "What's up, madam?"

The lady turned her head and raised her perfect neck like a swan's neck. "Don't you know me?"

"I had a car accident a few days ago, so I don't remember anything about the past." Winnie said honestly, "have I met you before, madam?"

At this moment, the lady suddenly stood up and looked down at Winnie, with unshakable dignity in her eyes. "Since you don't know me, I can't drink this cup of tea either. let's go! "

The middle-aged man bowed and said, "yes, madam.

For a moment, Winnie was completely confused. Such a lady came and left immediately. What did she mean by saying that?

Although her mind was full of doubts, Winnie still sent THEM to the door.

"Then you... Take care. "

Obviously, they didn't care about her reaction.

Winnie bit her lips and closed the door. Who on earth was it?

They must have known her, but she really had no impression of them.

Noticing that the food on the dining table in the living room, Winnie decided to fill her stomach first. She would ask Jacob later... Maybe he knew them.

She walked to the table and took a bite. Then she heard the doorbell ringing again...

And the ringtone was obviously urgent.

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