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   Chapter 559 My Mind Is Full Of I Love You

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"Do you mean the German IchliebeDich?"


With expectation in her eyes, Winnie said, "it's the German IchliebeDich. It should be read in this way. I just learned it. I'm not sure whether this pronunciation is accurate or not."

"Oh, if it's really IchliebeDich, then it means I love you."

After thinking for a while, Xenia was not very familiar with German, but she could speak some daily German.

If the pronunciation was right, IchliebeDich meant "I love you".

Hearing the translation, Winnie felt her scalp tingling, really numb.

She was sure that her pronunciation was not standard, or Xenia's German was also ordinary. Anyway, there must be something wrong.

If IchliebeDich really means I love you, then she told Jacob so many times before dinner...

With a bang in her head, Winnie blushed like the setting sun.

"Sister, what's wrong with you?"

"Is there any aftereffect of the car accident? Your face is so red. Do you have a fever?"

"Well, the temperature is normal too. Sister, you are so innocent now, aren't you?"

With her hands on her cheeks and her bright eyes rolling flexibly, Winnie asked, "was I not innocent before?"

"More than that. You can go to the night club, drink, smoke and chase handsome men easily, okay?"

Xenia listed all her previous achievements, "sister, you are the famous Witch of Jin City. People who like you like you very much, and there are many people who are jealous of you. Anyway, they can be divided into two levels! "

"But you always do what you like. You don't care what others think or say..."

At this time, Winnie had an impulse to hold her head. "It sounds really strange. Why did he marry me before? Men... Don't they like sensible girls? "

"Oh, don't you forget it?" Xenia pretended to be surprised and said, "you are right. Men like that kind of girl more. As for why my brother-in-law wants to marry you, I don't know either. The real reason may only be known by himself! "


At this time, the door of the room was pushed open. Celia came in with a plate of fruit and said, "Winnie, Jacob has just left. He asked me to tell you that he would ask his assistant to pick you up here tomorrow."

"Ah! Did he leave? " "Why didn't he tell me before he left?"

With her head on her hand, Xenia picked up a freshly cleaned cherry and said, "sister, you are so clingy now. Remember, the best way to deal with men is to keep a distance. Don't b

r has told me about Mrs. Winnie's situation. By the way, Mrs. Winnie, is your luggage here? Let's go! "

"Okay." "Please wait for a moment, Assistant Lin. I'll tell my parents."

With a big smile on her face, Ximena said, "my lady, you don't have to be so polite. You used to call me Ximena, so I'll wait for you outside."


When Winnie walked out of the manor, Ximena got off the car and opened the door for her. "Mrs. Winnie, please!"

Getting into the car, Winnie looked at Ximena who was driving on the driver's seat and asked, "Ximena, have you always been his assistant?"

"Yes! I came to Mr. Jacob's side later than Mark, but it has been a long time. Oh, Mark is Mr. Jacob's secretary in the city hall. Mrs. Winnie may not remember him. "

"Yes, I really don't remember. Where are we going now? "

Ximena replied, "Sir specially asked me to take you to his other small apartment, so we are going there now."

"Didn't he and I live there before?" Confused, Winnie asked.

"You and Mr. Jacob used to live in the Gong Clan's mansion."

The Gong Clan's mansion?

"Then why don't we live in the Gong Clan's mansion now but change a place?"

Now that she had lost her memory, it should be easier for her to recall the past when she lived in the previous place!

"I don't know. I just did what sir said. If Mrs. Winnie is confused, you can ask him face to face."

"… Okay. "

Soon, the two arrived at the apartment. The apartment was located in the suburb of Jin City. Although it was not in the urban area, it was quiet and beautiful. It was a very suitable apartment for a family of three.

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