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   Chapter 556 I Have Feelings

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He even didn't care about himself in order to hold an umbrella for her.

Looking at the big hands that stretched out, without any hesitation, Winnie dived into his arms, tightly held his waist and pulled him into the umbrella.

She looked up at him with a smile, "Together."

They were a couple, so it shouldn't be a big deal for them to be so close?

But Winnie still felt a little strange, because she couldn't remember.

But she was sure about the kiss in the alley not long ago. She felt it.

So, the man she was going to divorce was actually...

At this time, the man held her waist tightly.

She looked up in surprise and saw his bright eyes. "Are you afraid that I will catch a cold?"

Obviously, she didn't want him to get wet in the rain.

"Yes, of course." Her tone was slow, as if she wanted to admit it, but she didn't want to.

To be honest, she was really conflicted.

She didn't know why she wanted a divorce in the past, but now she... She really didn't want to make a clean break with this man.

At least it was still too early to divorce.

Jacob held her tightly in his arms with a charming smile on his face. "You've really changed. You won't admit it so directly in the past."

"What?" She didn't understand. Her eyes were full of curiosity. "How can I admit it if I don't admit it directly?"

Jacob held her with one hand and continued to walk forward with the umbrella in the other. "Well, take it easy. This is the first step to find yourself again."

'Find myself back?'

Hearing this, Winnie lowered her eyes and asked, "do you really want me to remember what happened in the past?"


"Why?" Wasn't she looking good now?

Did he think she was too stupid now?

Jacob's eyes darkened, but he didn't answer. He just carefully escorted her to the eaves at the door. "I'm leaving. Call me if you need anything."

Winnie looked at his completely wet clothes and said, "wait, don't go. Come in and change your clothes, or you will catch a cold. Your figure looks like Willie. You should be able to wear his clothes. "

"Well, of course if you don't want to..."

Before she could finish her words, Jacob rushed up quickly, and the two bodies clung to each other again. "Who says I don't want to? I'm just afraid that you will regret."

"I just let you in to change your clothes. How can I go back on my word?" Her heart was pounding, but Winnie still pretended to be calm and said, "let's go in."


They saw a tall figure at the door when the two of them were about to enter the room.

Carlos stood there with his arms crossed over his

, the two of them could kiss.

He did it without hesitation, but before he tasted the delicious food, he heard a woman's voice, "I'm sorry, but can you close the door next time?"

Hearing this, Winnie immediately pushed away the man in front of her and looked at the door, where her mother was standing with clothes.

Although Celia felt embarrassed, on second thought, they were a couple after all. It was not a big deal for them to be a little intimate. The most important thing was that Winnie was still in the same situation.

Maybe as Xenia said, Jacob could remind her of the past.

Blushing with shyness, Winnie wanted to tuck herself in the quilt. However, Jacob didn't think it was a big deal. He walked generously to Celia and said politely, "Mom, thank you!"

"You're welcome." Celia said with a smile.

In fact, she was quite satisfied with her son-in-law. Although he was in that position, sometimes he looked more like a professor in a university or a literary man.

It was always a white shirt and black work pants.

Jacob dressed like someone when he was young!

"In that case, I won't bother you anymore." Celia handed the clothes to Jacob and said, "stay for dinner today. Although the trick is a little old, it's still useful to me. As a mother, I can't refuse a man who is good to my daughter. Jacob, do you understand what I mean? "

"Yes, I understand."

Celia nodded with satisfaction, "I'll call you at dinner."

After saying that, she went out directly. Before leaving, she reminded the man with her eyes that if he wanted to do something, he'd better lock the door first.

Jacob understood what was going on. After his mother-in-law left, he locked the door and turned to the confused woman...

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