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   Chapter 555 It Must Be You Who Treat Me Badly

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Winnie's breath was unstable and her eyes were misty. She didn't understand why this man who was about to divorce her would do such an intimate thing to her at this time.

The doubt in her eyes was so obvious that Jacob couldn't help but smile.

He suddenly pulled the distance between the two people just when she thought he wanted to do something to her again. He took her hand holding her bag, looked down at her injured knee on her right foot, frowned and said, "let's go."

"… Where are we going? " Her hand was wrapped in his palm, and she followed him. She looked at his tall back and walked step by step.

"Where are you taking me?"

The man didn't say a word and just pulled her.

She followed him and didn't know his expression. It was just because she didn't know his expression that her heart was in a mess.

Walking through the long street, he led her to the car. She watched him carefully open the door for her.

Winnie stared at the car in front of her and didn't know what to do for a moment?

Noticing what she was thinking, Jacob took the bag from her hand and whispered in her ear, "afraid?"

The warm breath of his breath sprayed on her ears, making Winnie subconsciously want to avoid that kind of limpness and numbness. "You, can you speak not so close to me?"

"… You weren't so afraid of me before. " He smiled. No wonder that Xenia said it was quite different.

He thought it was reasonable to look at Winnie now. In the past, she didn't look like an injured rabbit.

When it came to the past, Winnie immediately had a desire to know. She raised her head sideways, and the tip of her nose accidentally hit his chin. She felt a little painful and frowned. "I heard from Xenia that I was very bold in the past?"

"Well, boldest!" Jacob said meaningfully, "get in the car first. Do you want to have a long conversation with me here?"


Of course not.

Winnie was helped into the car by him. Then he gently put his bag on her knees, carefully avoiding the scars, and said, "sit well."


How could Winnie know that she had never been so obedient before, just like a quiet doll.

It was not early when the two of them arrived, and it was just lunch time.

The lunch was very simple. Jacob ordered sweet and sour spareribs, hibiscus and vegetable soup, and two bowls of rice.

Compared with her extravagance and waste in the past, Winnie looked more ordinary now.

She not only ate with relish, but also looked satisfied.

She curled up in a corner of the sofa with her bag in her arms after dinner, while the man sat beside her and put her right

ing that, he walked to the door of the box before she got up. He reached out to hold the doorknob and said in a quiet voice, "don't worry. Sooner or later, you will remember what happened in the past. It's just a matter of time."

Winnie didn't know why he said so firmly, as if he knew something, or as if he just guessed out of nowhere.

On the way back to the manor, it rained heavily in the sky of Jin City.

The rain blurred the road, as if there were many barriers.

Hearing the loud thunder, Winnie unconsciously leaned towards the direction of Jacob, looking out of the window at the rain that was falling.

"The rain will come soon. Be careful when you go back later. The road is slippery when it rains."

"This is the first time you care about me." said Jacob. Looking straight ahead, he was in a better mood. "Since you are worried that I will be in danger when I go back, why don't you let me stay overnight?"

"What?" Winnie turned her head in surprise. "Don't be so snobbish. Even if I agree, my parents will probably object. Now my father... "

Then she lowered her voice.

Xenia told her that her father was in favor of their divorce and had a lot of opinions on him.

In this case, it was impossible for Jacob to stay overnight.

Thinking of this, why did she feel a little disappointed?

Did she really not want to divorce him?

When Winnie was confused, the car had already arrived at the main gate of the manor. Jacob stopped the car, took the rain set and got off immediately. He opened the door for Winnie and looked up at her, "be careful. It's raining heavily."

At this time, her eyes were fixed on his half body. Most of his body was outside the umbrella, and his clothes were completely wet.

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