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   Chapter 506 Paul Had A Car Accident

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Shelley had never thought that she would meet Selina on the street of Jin City.

Three years ago, after she married Josef, Grandpa Ling had more or less told her about Eddy.

Grandpa Ling said that he had given the opportunity to Eddy, but his son was enchanted by Selina. He didn't want to divorce even if he saw the true face of Selina.

Speaking of the fact that his son refused to divorce Selina and returned to the Ling Clan, Grandpa Ling was extremely distressed.

However, Grandpa Ling called Shelley again after Grandpa Ling told her about it.

"Selina was hit by a car."

Grandpa Ling said lightly on the phone.

"Eddy divorced her."

Selina was hit by a car and then Eddy divorced her?

In Shelley's mind, for the sake of Selina, Eddy abandoned her and Celia. Now that Selina was injured, he divorced her. That was so-call his loved?

Grandpa Ling guessed what she was thinking and said to her.

"Eddy divorced her first. Now that she was hit, Eddy went back to take care of her. " Grandpa Ling said disappointedly.

He was disappointed in Eddy. Eddy had divorced Selina, but he went back to take care of her.

At the mention of Eddy, Grandpa Ling was disappointed. He wouldn't be softhearted to take his son back.

Shelley was shocked to see Selina begging on the street.

As for the matter between Eddy and Selina, Grandpa Ling was disappointed and didn't continue to inquire about it. Therefore, Shelley didn't know where they were and what they were doing.

When she saw someone begging, Tia put the lollipop in her bowl.

The beggar thanked her. When she raised her head, she happened to meet Shelley's eyes.

It was Selina!

Selina's legs were completely broken. She sat on the ground, with a lot of changes on the plate in front of her.

They hadn't seen each other for three years. Shelley had never expected that Selina would end up like this.

Eddy loved her so much. How could he be willing to let her fall into such a situation?

Selina also recognized Shelley. She looked at the lollipop in the pla

Carlos didn't hide the car accident from Eddy.

"It was a car accident. It was caused by someone nailed a long nail on the tire."

Carlos showed the photo to Eddy.

It was the tragic condition of Paul's car after the car accident. The blood on the ground shocked Eddy.

"If he hadn't driven my car away, it would have been me, Celia and the baby in her belly." Carlos said lightly.

He thought that Eddy would understand what he was saying.

"Who did it? I think you know clearly who hates Celia in the Ling Clan. "

Of course Eddy knew it.

Eddy also knew that Paul was driving Carlos' car.

If it was Celia and the others who got on the car, then the person who had the car accident... She might not even have a chance to live.

At the thought of this, Eddy's heart sank.

She was so vicious that she tried to kill Celia in this way.

Didn't she know? Celia is still pregnant! She still didn't know that Celia was his biological daughter, right?

Eddy sneered. He had provided for other people's children for more than 20 years, but in the end, she tried to hurt her daughter.

He didn't ask Carlos anything more. In fact, from his words, Eddy knew that the car accident had something to do with Selina.

He felt so stupid to take care of Selina.

Then, after telling Carlos to take good care of Celia, he went to the ward with the photo.

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