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   Chapter 505 Meeting

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Carlos invited Paul, but Paul didn't agree. But on that day, he still went quietly.

He had been restless since Shelley came back.

When he arrived at the Gu Clan's villa, it was already full of people.

Who would refuse Carlos' invitation? Who wouldn't come...

Paul threw his crutch into the car. He came alone and limped in.

However, when he walked to the garden, he didn't go forward, nor did he go to the hall.

Only a few people knew that he was lame, but even if others knew it, they didn't dare to talk about it.

In the past three years, he had been not afraid of being pointed at, but now he was a little afraid of being seen here.

Standing in the garden, he didn't move anymore and just looked at the people in the hall from afar.

There must be a woman in his heart among those people.

Not to mention Carlos, who had never held such a high-profile banquet in the past three years, how could Paul not know the purpose of this time?

Carlos and Celia were trying to arrange a husband for Shelley.

Paul couldn't help but feel sad. After she married Josef, he wanted to kill all the people who prevented him from taking her back. No matter she loved him or not, he would imprison her by his side peremptorily.

But when he was faced with life and death in the car accident, he thought it was better to let go.

It was better to fulfill her wish than to let her suffer with him.

Now that she had divorced, he still didn't have the courage to be with her as Paul did before.

He was retreating, and he was afraid.

When Paul was thinking, he felt his trousers pulled.

He lowered his head and saw a girl in a princess dress pulling him.

She was licking the biscuits. Seeing that Paul was looking at her, she immediately raised the half licked biscuit to him.

"Do you want it, uncle?" Tia looked at Paul and said slowly.

Looking into her eyes, he recognized her. She was Shelley's daughter.

When she came back, he saw Celia holding her daughter at the airport.

Tia looked like Shelley.

Looking at the saliva left by the little girl on the biscuit, he was stunned. He slowly squatted down and bit the biscuit in her hand.

"It's delicious. Thank you." Maybe it was Shelley's daughter. Looking at her pink and beautiful face, Paul felt extre

up. Although Willie looked like me when I looked at him at that time, I didn't dare to admit it. Maybe it was because the lookers on see more than players. At the first sight of Tia, I knew that she was Paul's child."

"In that case, does he know that?"

Carlos smiled again. "As I said just now, lookers on see more than players. Just as I can't believe that Winnie and Willie are my children, I guess he doesn't know because he only thinks that Tia is your sister and Josef's daughter."

"You two are really..."

Celia was completely speechless.

"Celia, don't bother about your sister's blind date." On the contrary, Carlos began to persuade her.

It was better to bring her and Paul together than to constantly introduce men to Shelley.

Celia didn't get angry but listened to him calmly.

"Your sister and Paul are more than thirty years old now. They don't marry others. What does that mean?" Carlos held her hand.

"But she still has a lot of things to worry about."

"Time is the best medicine. Besides, the reason why you introduced other men to your sister before is that you are worried about Tia. Her biological father is also here, but her stepfather may not really treat her well."

Carlos continued.

"It's hard to tell. Many men go for your sister's identity, not really love her."

Hearing this, Celia's heart sank. She knew that what Carlos said was reasonable.

"I didn't mean that there is not a good stepfather. You know what I mean! Paul loves your sister, and she loves him too. "

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