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   Chapter 483 Show Off your Love In Front Of Me

Madly In Love By Xi Yan Characters: 8376

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Celia didn't know whether she should answer it or not. The two of them were in a stalemate.

At this time, the door of the small room was just opened. Winnie stood there, rubbing her sleepy eyes with a bear.

"Mom, what are you doing with father Ray?"

Ray felt a little embarrassed. He had planned to propose in a low-key way, but the little girl finally found it.

"Winnie, I'm proposing to your mother!"

"Ah!" Winnie seemed to wake up at once and rubbed her eyes. When she saw clearly, she rushed to them with the bear in her arms, looking very excited.

"Wow, father Ray, you finally propose to mother. Mom, say yes! "

Before Celia could figure it out, she was even more confused when Winnie made a fuss. "Winnie..."

Before she could finish her words, Winnie directly took the ring in Ray's hand and said, "this ring is so beautiful!" Then she put the ring on her mother's hand.

At this time, Celia was a little confused. Looking at the valuable diamond ring in her hand, her heart was suddenly hit hard.

She had received necklace, bracelet and Anklet before. She had received many jewelry except for rings, but she had never received any rings.

Winnie turned her head and said with a smile, "father Ray, mommy has agreed to your proposal. Why don't you kiss Mommy?"

Celia, "..."

Indeed, Ray wanted to kiss Celia, but he didn't dare to do so. He could clearly feel her repulsion, let alone a kiss?

That was simply impossible.

What's more, Winnie put this ring on her finger. Perhaps she didn't agree.

Celia looked down at the ring on her hand, and then looked at Winnie, who was full of expectation. She didn't take off the ring, but took the flower from Ray's hand. She smiled, "thank you, I like it very much."

In fact, she wanted to say "I do," but she couldn't say anything more.

No, she could definitely try to accept another person and start a new life. She could do it.

Even for the sake of Winnie and Willie, she had to do so.

Although Celia didn't say "I do", it was incomparable happiness for Ray. He excitedly opened his arms and held Celia with Winnie in the middle.

Celia was not used to the sudden hug, especially the unfamiliar smell, but she gritted her teeth and did not push him away.

Winnie shouted, "that's great! I have dad and mom. I will never be a child without dad."

These words stabbed into the heart of Celia. Suddenly, some of her emotions surged into her mind. She thanked Ray again, "thank you for your proposal to

utside. Then she slowly lowered her head and buried her face in it.

At this time, she received a message from Ray. She clicked it and found that it was a white wedding dress, which looked very beautiful.

Ray: "I checked it online. Which style do you like?"

Celia: "as long as you like it. I don't care about clothes."

Ray: "Celia, what's wrong with you?"

Celia: "it's okay. I'm fine. I just feel a little tired. It's not early. I'll go to bed first. Good night!"

Ray: "Okay, good night!"

Then, Celia turned off her phone and put it aside.

At the same night, in an apartment in A City, a man in a black suit stood at the window. He opened all the lights in the study and let the cold wind blow into his body. The half lit cigarette trembled in the night wind, just like the man's state of mind at the moment.

The stubborn face of the little boy was reflected in his mind. How could the boy say that he was a "coward"


Not long after, a video appeared in the quiet study. A gentle man appeared on the screen, and beside him stood an incomparably beautiful woman.

The man said to the woman, "take Hilary to rest first."

Hearing the voice, Carlos turned around and saw the woman holding a child. "Don't be too late."

After the woman in the video left, the man looked at Carlos and asked, "Carlos, how are you recently?"

Crossing his arms across his chest, Carlos said with a smile, "I am half dead. Ivan, did you just show off your affection in front of me on purpose?"

"Are you jealous?" The man's smile was light, and his elegant and handsome face was a little serious at this time. "In fact, you can also do it, Carlos."

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