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   Chapter 476 You Want To Go To The Hotel With Me, Huh

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A City was not far from Jin City.

The "queen" said, looking at the two little fellows beside her.

"Okay, let's go to A City."

Winnie cheered, "great! We can go to see father's hometown. Father Ray, is there any delicious food there? "

Ray was also very happy at this time. He had waited for so long, and this day finally came. "Of course, there are, and many."

With the collection of his favorite Holmes cases in his hands, Willie said to Winnie, "foodies."

Winnie immediately made a face and fought back, "if you have the ability, you won't eat anything."


While the two children were bickering, they turned from Jin City to A City.

It was already midnight when they arrived at the hotel. The two children had fallen asleep. Celia and Ray carried them into the suite respectively, and Dan went to arrange other affairs.

The two children were asleep. Standing by the half open window, Celia looked at the night in A City in a daze.

Ray walked over and stood behind her. He wanted to touch her shoulder, but his hand fell down stiffly in the air.

He said, "there will be a charity dinner tomorrow evening. Will you attend it with me?"

"You know I don't like parties." Celia turned around with her arms crossed over her chest. "Ray, I'm a little tired and want to have a rest."

Ray knew that she wouldn't agree at once, just like many times before. He said unhurriedly, "just take it as a distraction. As soon as you go back, you will directly get involved in the work. Although the dinner party is not interesting and basically some people who act according to circumstances, it's still fun to be an onlooker. What do you think?"

Of course, Celia understood what he meant. "Well, Winnie is so eloquent. I guess she learned it from you."

Ray said, "it's my honor."

Celia smiled, "go to bed early."

"Okay." Ray didn't dare to be too close to her. He waited for her response with great patience, "you too."

After Ray left the room, Celia went to the bar counter and poured herself a glass of wine. Looking at the night outside, her delicate face looked more attractive.

On the second day, Ray took the two children and Celia to travel all over A City, so the two children felt very tired at night and had no mood to attend the charity dinner.

Therefore, Dan was arranged to stay to take care of the two children, while Celia and Ray went to the dinner party.

Afraid of the cold, Celia picked up the most conservative evening dress from her luggage. It was said to be conservative, but when she wore it, even

k off his hand, and went to the wine tower again to get another glass of wine.

She was really in a good mood just now, so she would drink to the moon. But she was interrupted by a pig, so she could only change another glass.

Celia became the focus of the party in an instant.

With a glass of wine in one hand, she leaned against the table of the wine tower. Her cold eyes swept over the strange faces one by one. She raised her hand gracefully and greeted everyone at the banquet.

It could be described as fairy down from the heaven!

In fact, she had always been careless about drinking. In the past three years, she had trained herself as a wine bucket. Her drinking capacity hadn't increased much, but it was much better than before, but three glasses of champagne was the limit.

At this time, she just finished the third glass of wine. Her cold and gorgeous face flushed, which was a unique style.

Seeing this, Ray immediately walked over, but at this time, someone was faster than him.

He saw the man in a tall and straight black suit, with a chill all over his body. When he saw the man's face, he was shocked.

How could it be him?

Carlos thought it was his illusion. He walked past with hope. It was not until he stood beside her and smelled the light fragrance of her that he was sure it was her.

He reached out and held her slender waist. Celia was slightly drunk, with her back to him, so she didn't see clearly who it was. She thought it was Ray, and said, "it seems that I am a little drunk. Let's go back to the hotel."

"You want to go to the hotel with me, right?" While he was speaking, Carlos had already held her waist and said, "Okay, let's go to the hotel."

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