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   Chapter 475 We All Miss You

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In fact, when Ray arrived at the corridor, he saw two little guys. At the same time, Ray also saw the man who was talking to them.

That man was tall and slender, wearing the simplest white shirt and a casual crescent top. His face was cold, but with his slightly raised eyes, he was inexplicably enchanting. The simple clothes he wore revealed a holy and charm complementary to each other.

Ray was not used to observing other people's clothes and appearance, but now he was almost stunned when he looked at them.

As a man, he was amazed at the man's outstanding appearance.

At this time, Winnie had already run to his side, raised her little face and looked at him, "father Ray, that uncle bought the painting you want to give to mother. My young brother and I want to discuss with him. If mother scolds us later, father Ray should help us."

Ray smiled and rubbed Winnie's nose. "Even if I speaks for you, your mother may still scold you."

It turned out that the two kids came here for his help.

"Oh! That's right. " Winnie pouted and said, "mommy has a bad temper."

Ray's indifferent eyes narrowed slightly. The child's unintentional words reminded him of Celia's changes in the past three years.

At first, his impression of Celia was quiet and safe, and then arrogant and indifferent. Now Celia was able to take charge of some important affairs of the whole Luo Clan alone.

Her eyes were no longer as soft as water, but a little fierce. Her noble manner in every move made many men who loved her look timid.

Who dares to marry a woman who is more powerful than him?

That would hurt a man's self-esteem. Even if she was as beautiful as a rose, the more beautiful the rose thorns were, the sharper.

Ray didn't know where her change came from. He only remembered the despair on her once sad face when Ray was her doctor in the past.

At this time, Willie was still bargaining with the man. Seeing that Willie hadn't come back yet, Ray took Winnie's hand and walked forward.

When he got closer, he suddenly realized that the man's eyes were very deep. The color of his eyes made him instantly think of the same idea as that of the Willie and Winnie.

After all, they were strangers. Ray vigilantly pulled Willie to his side and said, "Sir, I'm sorry. These two children are so reckless to disturb you."

The man put one hand in the bag, and his frivolous eyes were as clear as mountains. "Are you their father they are talking about?"

Ray nodded slightly and said, "someone is waiting for us. Goodbye."

"Father Ray, don't leave now. I haven't discussed with this uncle yet. How can you propose to mother without that painting?" But Willie stood there and refused to leave. "Don't you want to marry my mother?"

In fact, Ray had planned to go back to Jin City with two ghost spirits in order to get the painting

rs ago, Carlos disappeared, and even went to somewhere that Dylan and others did not know.

She didn't know if the poison on his body had been detoxified or had been...

Amanda didn't dare to guess or want to guess, which was also the reason why she hadn't mentioned a word since just now.

"I don't think I'll stay long in Jin City. I'll go back tonight."

"Oh, what a pity!" Amanda was a little disappointed. Seeing that Celia really wanted to leave, she bit her lips and made up her mind.

"Celia, three years ago, you and him..."

Celia interrupted her, "the past is the past. I'm fine now."

Hearing this, Amanda was a little stunned. Did she really give up?

But if Celia didn't really give up, how could she rebuild the family and have the child she had always wanted.

She must have really let it go. In that case, there were some things that really didn't need to be mentioned again.

No matter how vigorous the love was, it couldn't hold back the time.

After leaving their contact information, they parted ways and left. In the car, Winnie asked curiously, "Mom, who is that beautiful aunt?"

Celia looked out of the window at the scenery passing by, and her dark eyes flashed. "She is mother's best friend."

"Okay!" Winnie replied and looked at Willie beside her. She winked and said, "Mom, it's rare for us to come out. I want to go to father's hometown with Willie, okay?"

Hearing this, Celia turned to look at Ray, who had been silent all the time. In the past few years, this man had been with her. She knew that Winnie and Willie liked him very much. Perhaps sometimes it was a good choice to cherish the person in front of her.

She asked, "did you hook up with two children?"

Ray knew that he couldn't hide it from her, so he said frankly, "yes, we have a discussion. My home is in A City, and the scenery there is very good. I think you will like it."

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