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   Chapter 465 I'm Just Too Afraid Of Losing You

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In the villa, the little woman on the bed was pale and expressionless.

When Carlos carried her from the car to the bedroom, the expression on her face was just like this, calm without any waves.

It was getting dark. Her eyes were empty. She had been lying here for the whole afternoon, but there was no sign of hunger.

There was a knock on the door. It was Grace.

"Madam, dinner is ready. Let me bring you the dinner."

"No, thanks."

After a short while, there was no sound in the room.

Grace stood at the door, hesitating. After taking a few steps, she turned back.

"Madam, this is the flower master ordered for you. How about Bring it in for you? It's so beautiful. "

This time, Celia's face, as cold as a statue, finally reacted. She sat up from the bed and rushed out of the bedroom without wearing shoes.

The whole room was shrouded in the fragrance of the flowers, but she threw them all to the ground with a wave of her hand. It seemed that it was not enough to vent her anger, and she stepped on them many times with her feet.

That jerk!

She didn't want to be with George at all, but he treated her like that!

His overbearing and unreasonable today made her very angry. No matter what happened today, she didn't do anything wrong. Why did he treat her like this?

The more Celia thought, the angrier she was. In this way, these flowers were all used as a tool for her to vent her anger. However, she was exhausted before she finished.

"Grace, call everyone here." Celia said to Grace.

"What?" Grace was stunned, but she didn't dare to delay. She called all the servants who were not very busy in the manor over.

"Step on all these flowers."

Hearing Celia's words, the servants looked at each other. This was a special gift from their master to their madam. There were so many flowers...

Sure enough, being rich was willful!

"What? You don't want to do it, do you? "

Celia was furious.

Seeing this, the servants didn't dare to say anything more. They all ran over and began to step on the petals.

"No one is allowed to clean it. Just put it here!"

Looking at the broken petals in the room, Celia finally said with satisfaction and went back to lie down.

On the rugged mountain road.

"Young master, Mike is right in front of us,"


The man gave an order and a gun was fired not far away.


Mike saw the man get

When the man failed to turn the doorknob, he actually... Went away...

He didn't respond!

This time, Celia was even angrier. She came out of the quilt with a bang, pulled her hands randomly and vented all her anger on the innocent quilt.

Suddenly, a noise came from the balcony.

What's going on?

She quickly covered the quilt again, turned over and quickly closed her eyes.

The door of the balcony was opened, and she certainly heard the footsteps. Who else could it be except Carlos?

Under the dim light, Carlos looked at the little woman sleeping on the bed and walked over quietly.

Looking at her quivering eyelashes, a sigh hit her forehead.

He raised his hand, but it didn't fall on her face in the end. In the quiet night, only the clock on the wall was telling the passage of time.

"I'm sorry..."

After a long time, Carlos said. It was deep and desolate, making people's heart beat faster.

Hearing that, Celia was also stunned.

"I'm sorry, Celia. I'm just too afraid of losing you, so please don't say anything like leaving me again? Let alone marry another man! Don't you know that it's worse than killing me to hear that? "

While speaking, Carlos suddenly felt dizzy and painful.

His vision was a little blurry. He suddenly stood up, covered his head and walked towards the door.

The man's voice didn't ring again. Celia's eyelashes trembled. She tried her best to suppress her emotions and muttered in her heart, 'is he afraid of losing her?'?

Suddenly, there was a muffled sound. She was so shocked that she quickly opened her eyes.


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