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   Chapter 462 I Really Want To Be With Him

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"Have you found him out?"

At night, a deep male voice sounded, as if he was afraid of waking up the sleeping woman on the bed. Carlos took the phone and walked to the door. With a "click", the door was closed.

"Boss, I found the trace of Jeffery's subordinate. He was in a demolished house in the southern suburbs."

"Good. Keep an eye on him. I'll be there right now!"

The man's eyes were full of light. He ordered Grace and then walked out of the villa.

Not long after Boris drove, he saw an abandoned house.

This was a village that had been demolished in Jin City. Most of the residents had moved away, and only a few people were left.

Carlos got off the car and looked ahead.

"Boss, we followed him here because we were afraid that he would find us if we followed him too closely. We could only follow him far away. I'm sure he's here, but I don't know where he lives. "

One of Carlos' men reported.

Carlos nodded and said, "Surround here. When I lead him out, you catch him!"

Then Carlos strode towards the ruins.

The man in suit and leather shoes stood out among the ruins, which was strange. Suddenly, a faint shadow flashed through them.

Suddenly, a gunshot came at him. Carlos dodged to a corner.

"I know you are here, Mike!"

"Mr. Gu, do you want to kill me?"

"If I want to kill you, my men have already taken action on the way here."

"What on earth do you want? I have nothing."

"I want the thing left by Jeffery!"

"I... I'm just a small assistant. How could I know about the matter of our master? And I don't know what Mr. Gu wants."

"Really? Let's wait and see if you can remember it or not. "

Carlos' voice was cold, and his eyes were cold. With a wave of his hand, the scattered subordinates quickly gathered here.

Mike had run out of all his patience. "Catch him!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Boris and the others rushed forward.

Suddenly, a gunshot rang out behind Carlos. A group of people came out of nowhere and began to attack Carlos.

And Mike also seized this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to quickly escape, and he succeeded.

Just now, after seeing Mike escape, those people quickly chose to retreat.

"Follow those people and find out where they come from!"

Judging from the fight just now, they looked like soldiers who had received regular training.

Carlos couldn't figure out the identity of those people, but he was sure that they saved Mike on purpose.

In the presidential suite of a high-end hotel, the man was cozily bathing in the hot spring pool.

A man came over. "Young master, Mike has been rescued."

"What? Where is he? Caught? "

The man asked with his eyes closed. His handso

the baby in her belly, so he didn't buy them for her and didn't allow her to eat them.

Maybe it was because she was too greedy that she still wanted to eat one. In this way, the small meatballs on the plate were stuffed into her mouth.

"Slow down. Why are you eating like a cat with your mouth full of food?"

When the man's voice sounded, he strode over.

He sat beside her and took out a tissue to wipe her mouth.

"It's too big. One bite at a time will make it delicious. Have a taste!"

She picked up one and put it to his mouth.

Carlos shook his head and said, "eat by yourself!"

Blinking her big eyes, Celia said with a sly smile like a fox, "Carlos, have some. Honey, listen to me!"

She coaxed him like a spoiled child, because she had been imagining that how such a cold and arrogant man would like when eating octopus balls, which must be very funny.

Of course, Carlos didn't let go of the snicker in her eyes. He narrowed his deep eyes and thought, 'How dare she fight with me?

"I'll eat it after you finish it."


Celia nodded her head. She had persuaded him to eat for a long time, but he succeeded today.

She put the octopus ball into her mouth, but the man kissed her lips at this time.

A small octopus balls was wandering between the lips of the two people, which made the man crazy and want to eat more. He had never known that this food could be so delicious.

Only then did Celia realize that she was fooled!

But it was just a beginning. After they finished the rest of the meatballs and porridge in this way, she was also tossed into bed by the man.


She succeeded in making him eat the octopus balls, but he also succeeded in eating her!

Celia swore to herself that she would never let him eat any octopus balls again.

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