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   Chapter 458 I Want To Take Her Away

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Updated: 2020-05-16 07:48

Jeffery turned around and held her in his arms. Holding her face in his hands, he raised her head. Her rosy lips lured him to taste her sweetness.

His hands were hovering on her face. All of a sudden, he found a bloodstain on her clean face.

He pushed her face away. It was the blood on his hand that stained her face.

"Towel!" He shouted.

The man quickly fetched a sterilized towel.

He took it and wiped her face carefully.

Celia was so flawless, noble and clean like a goddess. His heart clenched. The only thing in his heart which was the cleanest thing in the world. He didn't allow anyone to stain her, even himself!

When Celia woke up again, she found herself in a small room. The room was not big. There was a fire near her, and she could hear the wind outside.

Obviously, it was not in the city, but in the mountain forest.

"Are you cold? There are some clothes here, but I don't have women's clothes here. I can only let you wear men's clothes, but they are definitely new! "

Jeffery handed a set of clothes to Celia.

Celia took the clothes with the quilt. She was only wearing pajamas. Although it was cold, she felt lucky that Jeffery didn't touch her.

She stared at his face. He paused for a while and seemed to figure out the reason. Then he turned around with his back to her.

She quickly put on her clothes, got out of bed, walked to the window and opened it. Sure enough, she could only see the endless mountains.

"Stop looking. You can't escape from here!" Said Jeffery slowly.

"Jeffery, what else do you want? And how do you know where I live? "

At this moment, Celia suddenly realized something.

She had just come back, but she didn't expect that Jeffery would be so accurate.

What did it mean?

"Then how do you think I know where you live? I have no way back. Wherever I go, I will be a wanted criminal of the Gu Clan. The things in Carlos' hands not only deprive me of all my rights in the Gu Clan, but also take my life! "

"Even if I escaped abroad by chance, I still have to live a life without being exposed. I have to worry about being found

id, "is that enough? Let's get down to business! "

Zed stopped reluctantly. They didn't have much time. Celia's life might be in danger at any time.

"Have you found out where Jeffery is?"

"Find out his general location, near H Mountain," said Carlos coldly.

"I heard that he was there last time! By the way, why didn't Celia inform you when she came back? What happened between you two? Carlos, let me tell you, if you destroy Celia, don't blame me for treating you... "

Zed raised his hand again. He would have known it unless the previous news had been blocked. He would have rushed over as soon as Celia was caught!

By the time he knew, Celia had disappeared.

Carlos waved his hand to stop him. "I also want to know what happened. Why didn't Celia tell me when she came back? Although I don't know what Celia has experienced, I'm sure that the whole thing has something to do with that George!"

Zed glared at Carlos again, "humph, don't think that I can forgive you for losing my sister. My people will participate in the rescue this time!"

"Sure! You take someone to cover for me! " Said Carlos.

Hearing his words, Zed was angry again in an instant. "I cover you? That's my sister. I'm going to save her! Cover for me! "

"Don't forget whose the life that Jeffery wants? Will it work if you go there? "

"Okay, okay. But after I get Celia out this time, I'll take her away!"

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