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   Chapter 457 Come To Get Carlos' Weakness

Madly In Love By Xi Yan Characters: 7515

Updated: 2020-05-16 00:34

"You idiots! You can't even find someone! Find out all the surveillance video of all the road sections on that day, one by one! If you can't find her, you don't have to keep your lives anymore! "

The man said and hung up the phone angrily.

But as soon as he turned around, his feet stood still.

In the endless eternal night, the black figure stared at him, and behind him stood a lot of people.

The tall figure strode towards him. "You don't have the right to look for Celia, but if it's George, I'm interested. Do you want to go with me or do you want me to kidnap you, Jeffery? "

Jeffery frowned, "Carlos, why do you arrest me?"

"Do you need me to tell you what you have done?" Carlos' cold voice sounded in the dark night.

Jeffery sneered, "what did I do? Your woman is missing. What are you doing here? "

Carlos smiled, but his handsome face was full of killing intent.

"You are so smart, Jeffery. Do you think that only you can get those surveillance videos? Why should I arrest you? Just because you kidnapped Celia and tried to murder her! "

All of a sudden, Jeffery's eyes narrowed, and in an instant, he looked as serious as an iceberg that had not been melted for a thousand years. All the edges on his face were tightened, and his mind was wandering about what Carlos had said.

He really ignored that just now!

"Even if you are suspected, it's not your turn to arrest me. Of course there are police."

"Well, it's true. But I have recorded everything you said just now and the conversation between you and your subordinate before."

Carlos turned on his phone and pressed the play button. The voice of Jeffery came from inside.

What was worse, Carlos had recorded all the phone calls these days!

"You!" Jeffery's eyebrows were the lowest. He was defeated by Carlos again!

And this time, he all lost!

These conversations involved all the evidences of his crime. Even if Carlos couldn't find any evidence, these would become court testimony.

"Catch him!" Carlos ordered coldly.

Suddenly, Jeffery pulled out a small pistol from his back and instantly shot at Carlos.

Carlos dodged quickly, and Boris immediately rushed up to cover him.

Taking advantage of the time, Jeffery jumped i

oss' order?

Jeffery knew that he couldn't explain it to these people now.

"If you want to shoot, just come. But I don't know if she is dead, how are you going to explain it to your boss? Get out! Otherwise, I will kill her now! "

The bodyguards hesitated, but when they saw Jeffery's gun, they could only slowly retreat.

No matter what Jeffery said was true or false, the most important thing was to ensure Miss Ling's life.

They didn't dare to take the risk!

Jeffery seized the chance and jumped out of the window with Celia in his arms. He was tied with a safety rope, so he didn't need to pull the rope ladder. The people in the cabin directly pulled his safety rope and pulled the two of them into the cabin.

Jeffery carried Celia to a chair. The girl was still asleep, and she had never been so obedient before.

He sat beside her and let her head lean on his shoulder. Then he took off his coat and put it on her, staring at her.

The woman was only wearing a pajama. The pink pajamas made her fair skin more white and tender, and her arms were as tender as fresh lotus roots.

Because of this posture, he saw her body clearly.

His Adam's apple rolled uncontrollably. He raised his hand to gently touch her little face and tucked her messy hair behind her ear.

Her delicate features and sweet sleeping expression made him unable to move his eyes.

This woman was what Carlos had sex with every night. Now she was in his arms, could he also have sex with her?

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